Innovator? Apply for EkoClimathon 1.0 ($7,500)

EkoClimathon - climateaction

Innovator? Apply for EkoClimathon 1.0 ($7,500)

Are you an innovator? Can you innovate to fight climate change? If yes, then apply for EkoClimathon 1.0.


EkoClimathon 1.0 seeks to engage Nigerian Innovators to build solutions that will help the world meet its climate goals.


Accelerated climate change and the destruction of our ecosystems have directly led to natural disasters and erratic and extreme weather patterns such as severe weather, floods, catastrophic wildfires, and other impacts.


Since global climate change mitigation efforts already fall short to achieve the 1.5°C goals, world leaders are focusing on driving net-zero with stringent decisions by cutting emissions and driving adaptation for better future resilience. However, tech innovation can be an alternative fast route that can bring the world closer to the net-zero goal.


For this reason, EkoClimathon 1.0 is taking the lead by rallying the global community to catalyze new ideas to combat climate change and increase its support for emerging innovations that can drive a green economy and ensure a low-carbon society.


Focus Areas


Industry Challenge


The biggest challenges to meeting zero carbon goals are the hard-to-abate sectors like Cement, Steel, Shipping, etc. Developing tech innovation that will drive net-zero transitions in the industrial sectors.


Agriculture, Food & Waste


Transforming agri-food systems towards green and climate-resilient practices. Developing a climate-resilient agricultural solution that will make agriculture more sustainable and reduce food waste.


Circular Economy


Developing end-to-end recycling technology or circular products.


Transportation Challenge


Transportation is responsible for about one-quarter of all greenhouse gas emissions. And it is set to double by 2050.




Innovations that can disrupt business-as-usual scenarios in the energy sectors, innovations such as efficient energy, renewable energy, and low-energy source.


Nature-Based Solutions


Building solutions that address societal challenges; through protecting, sustainably managing, and restoring natural or modified ecosystems.




A prize pool of $7,500 will be shared amongst the top three teams that will be selected by our panel of judges.


Finalists have a chance to join EIC’s accelerator program with up to $50K equity investment and a chance to be mentored by industry experts for 3 months.


Timeline of events


  • Call For Registration: 30th May – 1st July
  • EkoClimathon 1.0 Launch: 8th July
  • Workathon: 13th July- 2nd August
  • Pitch Event: 3rd August – 5th August
  • Mentor’s Nest: 9th August – 23rd August
  • Finale: 26th August


Interested in developing effective solutions to climate change and hacking your way to the EkoClimathon 1.0 prize? Register here.

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