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Nairobi Declaration - Climateaction
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#ACS23: What the Adoption of the Nairobi Declaration on Climate Change Means for Africa

The Nairobi Declaration on Climate Change and Call to Action, adopted at the close of the Africa Climate Summit 2023 in Nairobi, marks a watershed moment in the global fight against climate change. This comprehensive and forward-looking declaration highlights the urgent need for collective action to combat climate change and

Growth4Her - Climateaction
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Women-owned Green Businesses Shine as Growth4Her Ends Cohort 1

Growth4Her, an accelerator program targeted at building the capacity of women-led small and medium enterprises (WSMEs) in Africa, has completed its inaugural cohort.   This cohort, which was officially launched on September 1, 2022, recorded a ground-breaking participation of 55 businesses located in Nigeria and Cameroon.   After an intensive

lesein mutunkei - climateaction
Advocacy Featured Saving the Planet

Lesein Mutunkei tackles deforestation with football

Lesein Mutunkei is not your average teenager, he's a 'green footballer". The 17-year-old environmental activist from Kenya is one of Africa's leading climate activists with a unique path - combining two of the things that he loves the most which are football and the environment.   How it all began

Kevin Mureithi - climateaction
Saving the Planet Featured

Innovation meets plastic: How Kevin Mureithi is curbing plastic waste in Kenya with Eco Blocks & Tiles

The world is experiencing the severe impacts of climate change, nature loss, and pollution as a result of plastic production and pollution. Plastic waste, aside from the potential to contaminate agricultural land, is clogging up the ocean waters and is damaging fishing stocks. Globally, we currently produce about 250 million

Kealotswe - climateaction
Featured Saving the Planet

Woman on a mission: Wada Kealotswe transforms newspapers to pencils to save the planet

Climate change is a burning issue around the world, dominating conversations as individuals and governments seek ways to mitigate its devasting effects on the planet. Among the ways to mitigate climate change effects that the world is currently driving is the curbing of human-driven and natural loss of trees, also

sterling bank - climateaction
Saving the Planet Featured

Sterling Bank’s clean up exercises in Nigeria: Acts worthy of emulation by corporates

Pollution is becoming an increasing concern in the world today as it has a significant negative effect on the planet and living species. Particularly of concern is the indiscriminate disposal of waste, one of the leading types of pollution that are not only harmful to human health but also to

tree - climateaction
Featured Advocacy Saving the Planet

11-year old Ellyanne Chlystun-Githae is saving the world, one tree at a time

Hello readers. Welcome to #Women4theClimate on CleanbuildVoices! It’s another Wednesday and we’re excited for you to meet our crush of the day. We've got an interesting twist for today's edition. Our crush is 11-year old Ellyanne Chlystun-Githae who is an environmentalist and Africa's Youngest Climate Change Ambassador in Kenya. She

climate - climateaction

Thandile Chinyavanhu and Awa Traoré: Two women driving the climate conversation

Hello readers. Welcome to #Women4theClimate on CleanbuildVoices! It’s another Wednesday and you know what that means. You guessed right! Another interesting reveal of our Woman Crush of the day. For this week, we have two women crushes and they are none other than Thandile Chinyavanhu and Awa Traoré. Thandile Chinyavanhu

art - climateaction
Featured Saving the Planet

Man on a mission: Olanrewaju Tejuoso is transforming waste into art

The rising levels of greenhouse gas emissions in the atmosphere are resulting in a rapidly changing climate and some of these emissions can be traced directly to our solid waste. As solid waste finds its way into landfills, methane emanates from the decaying waste. That, coupled with the emission of

jiata ekele - climateaction
Advocacy Featured

#Women4theClimate: Jiata Ekele is leading climate activism in Nigeria

Hello, readers. Trust you’re having a great day. Welcome to #Women4theClimate on CleanbuildVoices! It is another Wednesday and for today’s Woman Crush Wednesday (WCW) special, we’ll shine the spotlight on an amazing woman who is actively working in the climate space to effect a change. She is none other than

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