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vertical farming - climateaction
Saving the Planet Smart Cities Sustainability

Vertical Farming in Nigeria: Local Climate Solution with Global Impact

Climate change is a pressing global issue that poses significant challenges to food security and agricultural sustainability in Nigeria. As extreme weather events become more frequent and unpredictable, conventional farming methods face mounting uncertainties. However, emerging technologies, such as vertical farming, offer a promising solution to mitigate the impact of

Circular Economy Saving the Planet Sustainability

Tackling plastic abuse in Africa for a sustainable future

Globally, plastic production exceeds 400 million tonnes annually, with approximately one-third specifically intended for single-use purposes. Less than 10 percent is recycled.    An estimated 19-23 million tonnes end up in oceans, rivers, and lakes annually, causing risks to human health, threatening biodiversity, and destabilizing the climate.    In Africa, rapid

Saving the Planet Sustainability

Technology for sustainability: access for all? 

  As the world faces urgent environmental challenges, technology is a powerful tool for ensuring a sustainable future.    Sustainable technology encompasses innovations that consider and prioritize natural resources and foster economic and social development. These technologies aim to reduce environmental risks and create sustainable products by making technological processes and

Saving the Planet Sustainability

3 sustainable approaches to garden conservation

Attending a Catholic secondary school, I had the opportunity to learn from foreign teachers who were also nuns. During this period, I didn't fully understand the importance of our school's environmental rules.   It was strictly forbidden to tamper with the lawns, as it could result in punishment or even

Saving the Planet Sustainability

Biotechnology for sustainable agriculture in Africa

Biotechnology is a scientific field that uses modern technologies to create or modify biological processes, organisms, cells, or cellular components.   Studies have shown that agricultural biotechnology has the potential to improve crop yields, reduce the use of pesticides, and increase the nutritional value of crops. It also provides a

greenwashing - climateaction
Saving the Planet Sustainability

Greenwashing: A spoke in the wheel of Africa’s climate action efforts

Human activities are producing too many greenhouse gas emissions (such as CO2 and methane) in Africa, causing physical and chemical changes in the land, the atmosphere, and the ocean as well as more unexpected climatic variations like famine, violent thunderstorms, and higher temperatures.   Due to the aggravation of these

e-commerce - climateaction
Saving the Planet Sustainability

5 practical ways e-commerce companies in Africa can decarbonize their operations

E-commerce in Africa is experiencing rapid growth, thanks to technological advancements and companies' hunger to drive sales and meet customers' needs.   According to Statista, the number of online shoppers in Africa in 2020 was 281 million, with an estimated increase of about 520 million by 2025.   While the

brands - climateaction
Saving the Planet Sustainability

Africa: Brands must adopt sustainable practices to combat climate change

Climate change is a burning issue around the world, as human activities continue to drive climate change and impact biodiversity.   The global community established SDGs, adopted the Paris Climate Agreement, and proposed to keep global temperature increase below 2.0 °C or 1.5 °C to prevent a catastrophe. This has left the

Uganda - climateaction
Saving the Planet Sustainability

Climate resilience: Farmers and agribusinesses in Uganda to receive over $5m in funding

Climate change is affecting the food system in Uganda. This calls for climate-smart agricultural practices to help families and agribusinesses adapt to better crops, growing techniques, and soil improvement practices in response to climate change. Climate justice also needs to be prioritized to support the most climate-vulnerable communities and countries

real estate - climateaction
Saving the Planet Smart Cities Sustainability

A look at green real estate in Africa’s sustainability agenda

Businesses in Africa are waking up to the need to urgently cut carbon emissions across commercial real estate and these increasingly changing attitudes are reflected in the financial value of the buildings around us. Attention is now turning to the preservation of the value of buildings to avoid the risks

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