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Day: June 14, 2022

EkoClimathon - climateaction

Innovator? Apply for EkoClimathon 1.0 ($7,500)

Are you an innovator? Can you innovate to fight climate change? If yes, then apply for EkoClimathon 1.0. EkoClimathon 1.0 seeks to engage Nigerian Innovators to build global solutions that will help the world meet its climate goals. Accelerated climate change and the destruction of our ecosystems have directly led

climate change - climateaction
Saving the Planet

Famine: Climate change is dealing Africa a heavy blow

The Horn of Africa is experiencing its worst drought in 40 years, no thanks to climate change. Climate change is resulting in higher temperatures, water scarcity, droughts, floods, and other extreme weather-related events across Africa. This is fueling the hunger crisis as decreasing harvests, and increasing food prices threaten the

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