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Opportunities Saving the Planet

Call for sustainable art projects: Climate Action Africa calls upon African creatives to unite for climate action through the creatives for climate action project

  Climate Action Africa is excited to announce the launch of its initiative, Creatives for Climate Action. This visionary project is designed to tap into the immense creative energy of Africa's artistic community to combat climate change on both the continent and across the globe.   At a time when


Call for Sustainable Art Creatives

Are you passionate about making a difference through art?    Climate Action Africa is launching its new working space and seeking partnerships with talented sustainable artists in Nigeria for its interior design.   We are looking for Art that elevates our space and inspires us as we co-create a sustainable

NCDMB Energy Accelerator 2023 - climateaction

Apply! NCDMB Energy Accelerator 2023 for Early-stage energy startups

Are you an early-stage entrepreneur with a focus on building an energy startup in Nigeria? Then this opportunity is for you!   Founder Institute Abuja in collaboration with the Nigerian Content Development and Monitoring Board (NCDMB) has launched the NCDMB Energy Accelerator 2023 for Early-Stage Energy Startups to support select

Climate Change AI Summer School - Climateaction

You can now participate in the Climate Change AI Summer School 2023

Do you have a background in artificial intelligence (AI) and/or fields pertaining to climate change? Are you interested in tackling major climate problems using AI? Then this is for you!   Registration and applications are now open for the Climate Change AI Summer School 2023. This second Climate Change AI

Africa Data Hub

Apply! Orodata Africa Data Hub Cohort 3 Community ‘Climate’ Journalism Fellowship

Application is now open for the third cohort of the Africa Data Hub (ADH) community journalism fellowship by Orodata Science.   Unlike other journalism calls, this call specifically seeks reporters focused on documenting and reporting on the resulting health challenges from the flood crisis in several parts of Nigeria (termed

climate change poetry prize - climateaction
Opportunities Saving the Planet

Nigerian poet? Send your entry for the Climate Change Poetry Prize 2022 (₦500,000)

Are you a Nigerian poet and you want to use your talent to address environmental issues? This is for you.   Entries are hereby open for the 2022 Climate Change Poetry Prize.   Eligibility   The new Climate Change Poetry Prize is open to Nigerian poets between 18-35 years who

#YouthADAPT Challenge - climateaction
Saving the Planet Opportunities

Youth-led MSME or Innovator? Apply for the #YouthADAPT Challenge 2022 to drive climate change adaptation and resilience

Global Center on Adaptation (GCA), African Development Bank (AfDB), and Climate Investment Funds have launched the second edition of the African Youth Adaptation Solutions #YouthAdapt Challenge.   #YouthADAPT Challenge is an annual competition and awards program for youth-led enterprises (50% women-led) and seeks to boost sustainable job creation through support

Climate change - climateaction

Highlighting the Business Opportunities in Climate Change 

Today, the main focus of climate change conversation is mitigation. Solutions for mitigating or even eliminating the causes or effects of climate change are referred to as mitigation.   Although adaptation is just as vital as mitigation in terms of combating climate change, it somehow gets less attention.   Adaptation

ClimaTech - climateaction

Apply for ClimaTech RUN 2022

ClimaTech Run is a multi-stage, international initiative for digital artists and tech entrepreneurs who are all passionate about sustainability and a brighter future for everyone.   the Ministry of Environment, the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, and the Ministry of International Cooperation in Egypt. The ClimaTech competition links technology

cooling - climateaction
Opportunities Saving the Planet

Apply! This Is Cool Challenge by Sustainable Cooling for All

In a world being threatened by global warming, access to sustainable cooling has become a necessity and an issue of equity.   Heatwaves kill 12,000 people per year today, a number projected to rise to 255,000 by 2050 unless we adapt to the threat. The analysis for 2022 shows that

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