Call for sustainable art projects: Climate Action Africa calls upon African creatives to unite for climate action through the creatives for climate action project

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Call for sustainable art projects: Climate Action Africa calls upon African creatives to unite for climate action through the creatives for climate action project


Climate Action Africa is excited to announce the launch of its initiative, Creatives for Climate Action. This visionary project is designed to tap into the immense creative energy of Africa’s artistic community to combat climate change on both the continent and across the globe.


At a time when the world faces unprecedented environmental challenges, harnessing the power of art and creativity becomes a vital tool for driving awareness and change. Creatives for Climate Action seeks to amplify the voices of African creatives who are committed to addressing the urgent climate crisis through their artistic expressions.


Call for Sustainable Art Projects: Criteria and Benefits


To kick off the Creatives for Climate Action initiative, we are launching a sustainable art contest to spur creativity for climate action. We invite artists from across Africa to be part of this transformative movement by submitting their sustainable art projects. The submission criteria are as follows:


Sustainability: Submitted works must embody the concept of sustainable art, reflecting a deep understanding of environmental concerns and offering innovative solutions through artistic expression.


Eligibility: Artists must be African residents living within the continent of Africa.


Terms and Conditions: Participating artists must agree to the terms set forth by Climate Action Africa, including granting the organization the rights to the exhibition and sale of the winning artwork. A 20% commission from sales will be allocated to support further climate action initiatives.


Incentives for Participating Creatives


The winner of the sustainable art contest will receive:


  • A cash prize of 200,000 Nigerian Naira.
  • 80% of the proceeds generated from the sale of their artwork.
  • Extensive promotion of their works on all of Climate Action Africa’s digital platforms and physical spaces for a period of one year.


Submission Details


Interested artists are requested to submit their high-resolution artwork photographs in either JPEG or PNG format, along with a brief description of the piece, to [email protected].


Submission Deadline: September 15, 2023


By contributing their artistic talents to this initiative, artists have an unprecedented opportunity to make a lasting impact on the global fight against climate change. Creatives for Climate Action aims to not only highlight the urgency of the climate crisis but also inspire meaningful change through the power of creativity.


For further information and updates on the Creatives for Climate Action project, please visit Climate Action Africa’s website


For media inquiries and interview requests, please contact: [email protected]


About Climate Action Africa


Climate Action Africa is a leading Africa-focused social enterprise dedicated to raising awareness, inspiring action, and driving solutions to combat climate change across the continent. Through innovative projects and partnerships, Climate Action Africa aims to empower individuals, communities, and governments to work collectively toward a sustainable and resilient future.


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