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Clean Energy Saving the Planet Solar Energy

Is solar energy worth the hype? 

  Solar energy refers to power generated from the sun and can be extracted directly or indirectly for usage. It is collected using solar panels, which convert the sunlight into electricity. The amount of energy captured depends on the quality of the solar panels, and their prices can vary based on

climatestory4kids/solar cooker
Saving the Planet Solar Energy

#ClimateStory4Kids: Aminat and the solar cooker

  Hello kids. Welcome to #ClimateStory4Kids!    I have a story today about a village named Mawere, located in the eastern part of Africa; There was a young girl named Aminat who witnessed the impact of climate change on her community and decided to take matters into her own hands. 

startup - climateaction
News Clean Energy Opportunities

Renewable energy: Founder Institute, Sterling partners to support early-stage startup founders

Founder Institute (FI), the world's largest pre-seed accelerator programme, is collaborating with Sterling Bank PLC, Nigeria’s leading technologically advanced financial institution, to support early-stage startup founders in the H.E.A.R.T (Health, Education, Agriculture, Renewable Energy, and Transportation) sectors that are looking to launch or scale their businesses. In addition to the

sterling bank - climateaction
Solar Energy Company News Projects

Solar Energy: Sterling Bank ‘s Imperium Platform to provide solar energy solutions to consumers

Nigeria is home to Africa’s largest population and has the largest economy in the continent in terms of nominal GDP. Along with its population strength and economic power comes its abundance of both traditional and renewable energy resources, especially solar. To put this into context, Nigeria has an average of

uk innovation fund - climateaction
Clean Energy Opportunities

Got clean energy solutions? Apply for the UK innovation fund (US$50 million)

As part of Innovate UK’s Energy Catalyst Round 9 and 10 funding cycles, the UK innovation fund competition is now open for application. The aim of the UK innovation fund competition is to create a just and inclusive energy transition, accelerate the innovations needed to create new or improved clean

renewable energy - climateaction
Clean Energy Sustainability

Fossil fuels to renewable energy: The cost of switching

Until recently, the world relied on fossil fuels to provide almost all our energy. As we’ve started to understand the threat that pollution and climate change pose to our way of life, the development of alternative clean and renewable energy sources has accelerated. This acceleration has now reached such a

energy transition - climateaction
Circular Economy Clean Energy Sustainability

#CircularTuesday: Promoting energy transition with the circular economy

Hello readers,   Welcome to #CircularTuesday on CleanbuildVoices!   The energy transition around the world is gathering momentum as countries move away from fossil fuels to a sustainable system that ensures that a wide range of raw materials is available to fulfill energy needs.   There have been conversations on

hydropower - climateaction
Sustainability Clean Energy

Hydropower: Climate change threatens Africa’s major clean energy source

Hydropower is a sustainable, clean, low-carbon source of energy, accounting for over 70% of the world’s installed renewable power generation capacity according to the World Energy Council. While it constitutes a major part of the energy supply in Africa - accounting for over 90% of electricity generation in Mozambique, Namibia,

green hydrogen - climateaction
Clean Energy Sustainability

Green hydrogen and what it holds for Africa

Hydrogen is fast becoming one of the leading options for storing energy from renewables. Little wonder it featured in a couple of emissions reduction pledges at the COP26 as a means of decarbonizing heavy emitting industries. This increasing interest in hydrogen can be linked to the fact that it can

thoronka - climateaction
Clean Energy Saving the Planet Trending

Jeremiah Thoronka lights up Sierra Leone with kinetic energy

Energy poverty is deeply-rooted in Africa, with some countries accounting for lesser electricity access than others. One such country is Sierra Leone. Sierra Leone suffers acute energy poverty - estimated at about 90% - and has one of the lowest electricity access rates across the globe. According to the Sustainable

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