Billion Trees for Africa Initiative

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Harnessing the Power of Trees for a Greener Tomorrow

The "Billion Trees for Africa" is a Climate Action Africa initiative aimed at planting 1 billion trees across Africa. This ambitious program is designed to rejuvenate our landscapes, combat climate change, and provide sustainable economic opportunities to countless communities throughout the continent.

Why Trees?, Why Now?

Trees are crucial for maintaining ecological balance. They absorb carbon dioxide, improve soil health, support biodiversity, and provide shelter and resources for wildlife. In Africa, where desertification and land degradation threaten the livelihoods of millions, reforestation is not just beneficial but essential.

To organise or sponsor a tree-planting exercise in your community, write us.

Together, we can plant a billion trees and change the face of the continent. Join us in fostering a resilient, verdant, and thriving Africa.