Climate Literacy and Advocacy

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We advocate for and educate Africans on climate change and solutions that enable us to live harmoniously with nature. We also spotlight innovations and tell the African story of climate change and innovation. 

Through storytelling and showcasing groundbreaking solutions, we strive to inspire positive action and drive meaningful change across the continent.


Our blog hosts rich, educative, insightful, and engaging content that cuts across all climate and sustainability-related areas.

Climate Story for Kids

Climate Story for Kids is a series of colorfully crafted stories on climate change for kids with the aim of educating them on how they can protect their environment.

Climate Conversations for Africa

Taking climate conversation to the grassroots to drive localized climate actions, involving the community to take a stand for the environment, and fostering knowledge and capacity to tackle climate change in Africa.


We shine the spotlight on individuals who have developed innovations and solutions for climate change adaptation and mitigation as well as pollution, renewable energy, and sustainable resource use.



Leveraging WhatsApp for Business API, EcoBot effectively facilitates the dissemination of the correct information about climate change (what it is, its causes and effects, and effective innovations and solutions to better adapt to and mitigate it) to people in a timely way, and in the language that they understand to spur action.The service also sends early warning signals to communities at risk of disasters thereby giving them the opportunity to prepare ahead of time and also get the help they need.

Online Climate Advocacy Africa

Building Climate Resilient African Communities

At Climate Action Africa, we are at the forefront of Online Climate Advocacy in Africa, advocating for and educating Africans on climate change and sustainable solutions that allow us to live in harmony with nature. Our mission is to inspire positive action and drive meaningful change across the continent through storytelling and spotlighting groundbreaking innovations that address the challenges of climate change.

Pioneering Transformative Change

Launched in 2021, Climate Action Africa proudly pioneers transformative change at the intersection of Africa’s resilience restoration and the promotion of green, sustainable socio-economic development. With Africa being the most vulnerable continent to climate uncertainties, we recognize the urgent need to harness its diverse potential and vibrant communities to reshape its future.

Balancing Socioeconomic Growth and Climate Resilience

At Climate Action Africa, we firmly believe in striking a balance between socioeconomic growth and safeguarding our continent from the impacts of climate change. Our approach is based on collective intelligence, innovative strategies, sustainable practices, behavioral change, and political will. By working together, we firmly believe that Africa can rebuild its resilience and forge ahead towards a greener and more prosperous tomorrow.

Harmonious Coexistence Between Humanity and Nature

In our pursuit of nurturing initiatives and innovations for a harmonious coexistence between humanity and nature, we actively support Online Climate Advocacy in Africa. Our ultimate goal is to establish a future where both humanity and the environment can thrive together. As we embrace a more harmonious relationship with nature, we envision Africa setting a powerful example for the world. Through Online Climate Advocacy Africa, we demonstrate how humanity can prosper economically while preserving and protecting the environment for generations to come.