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Saving the Planet

#ClimateStory4Kids: Kikky and the magical forest

Hello kids. Welcome to #ClimateStory4Kids!     Once upon a time in a magical forest filled with talking animals, lakes, and colorful flowers, lived a brave little girl named Kikky.   She lived with her family in a treehouse surrounded by the beauty of the forest. Oh, how she loved to

Saving the Planet

#ClimateStory4Kids: The people of zuma land

  Hello kids. Welcome to #ClimateStory4Kids!   Once upon a time, there was a big city called Zuma Land. It was a big city because it had four towns under it named Fang, Heart, Future, and Tail. They all lived together in peace and had one king.   The king

Saving the Planet Water

#ClimateStory4Kids: The sea turtles and their home 

Hello kids. Welcome to #ClimateStory4Kids!   This story is about a family of sea turtles who lived in a beautiful and big sea along with other sea animals. They were a family of six; the father, the mother, and their four children. The children were named Gabby, Emmy, Lily, and

climatestory4kids/solar cooker
Saving the Planet Solar Energy

#ClimateStory4Kids: Aminat and the solar cooker

  Hello kids. Welcome to #ClimateStory4Kids!    I have a story today about a village named Mawere, located in the eastern part of Africa; There was a young girl named Aminat who witnessed the impact of climate change on her community and decided to take matters into her own hands. 

/climatestory4kids-lion king/magical jungle
Saving the Planet

#ClimateStory4Kids: The lion king and the magical jungle

  Hello Kids. Welcome to #ClimateStory4Kids!   Once upon a time, in a jungle, there lived a group of animals. They were all different shapes and sizes. They all lived together in harmony. One day, they decided to pick a leader to guide them and keep them safe.   The

#climatestory4kids/the plastic heroes
Saving the Planet

#climatestory4kids: The plastic heroes in Kaya town

 Hello kids. Welcome to #climatestory4kids!   Once upon a time, in a colorful town called Kaya, there lived a group of extraordinary children known as the Plastic Heroes. Their names were Mia, Ben, Ava, and Leo. They were passionate about the environment and were determined to make a difference in

khari - climateaction
Saving the Planet

#ClimateStory4Kids: Khari and the village with no water

Hello Kids. Welcome to #Climatestory4kids!   Mwundu village is in a drought-prone and rain-shadowed area of Kiswili. It received little rain and the temperatures were high.   The abuse of their natural resources coupled with water runoff and soil degradation made the village un-farmable.   Shallow wells ran dry, and

rain - climateaction
Saving the Planet

#ClimateStory4Kids: The rainmaker’s secret

Hello Kids. Welcome to #Climatestory4kids!   A long time ago in Jumunga village, drought fell upon the land and even the watering places began to look dismal; the leaves of the trees curled up and withered; the moss became dry and hard and, under the shade of the tangled trees, the

wise chief - climateaction
Saving the Planet

#ClimateStory4Kids: Jugwa village and the wise chief

Hello Kids. Welcome to #Climatestory4kids!   A long time ago at the base of the Mnarani mountains was a small village called Jugwa.   The village was blessed with natural resources - streams with fish and other aquatic species, vast forests that produced great yields, and a well that was a

forest - climateaction
Saving the Planet

#ClimateStory4Kids: Azam and the burning forest

Hello Kids. Welcome to #Climatestory4kids!   Today’s story is about a boy from Morocco, in the city of Salé, named Azam. Azam was a very kind and outgoing boy. He loved meeting new people and helping people whenever and however he could.   He was so kind that he would

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