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We are building sustainable and resilient communities across the continent. Through our communities of practice (activists, volunteers, policymakers and organisations) we are moving the climate innovations forward, while simultaneously providing assistance to vulnerable populations and helping them overcome their vulnerabilities thereby contributing to the development of a climate-resilient Africa.    

Resilient Neighbors Program

The Resilient Neighbors Program (RNP) aims to enhance the climate change risk and resilience index of vulnerable communities in Africa.Through community-led urban resilience planning, the program promotes social, environmental, institutional, governance, and economic co-benefits, while contributing towards achieving Sustainable Development Goals 5, 8, 10, 11, and 13.


Community Engagement For A Cleaner Community (CEFACC) is an initiative that seeks to unite the efforts of all stakeholders (public, private, and residents of communities) for effective waste management in communities, further identifying existing potentials within the circular economy value chain within communities and empowering youths to create enterprises within those spaces.


#ClimateActionVoices - Let your voice be heard!

#ClimateActionVoices is a digital media campaign aimed at uniting the voices of young people, stakeholders, and governments across Africa to educate, advocate for, and take meaningful action toward stemming the harmful effects of climate change in Africa. Climate Action Africa’s goal is to ensure maximum community engagement and use this campaign to make every African digital citizen conscious and actively involved in fighting climate change.


Faith for Climate Action (F4CA)

Faith for Climate Action (F4CA) is an initiative of Climate Action Africa that aims to collaborate with religious institutions to effectively integrate climate change awareness into spiritual teachings, foster responsibility, and enhance the reach and action against the threats of climate change in Africa.