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living conditions in Somalia
Advocacy Saving the Planet

Top 10 facts about living conditions in Somalia

The living conditions in Somalia portray a complicated picture of a country characterized by resiliency, complexity, and persistent difficulties. Somalia, which is located in the Horn of Africa, has seen years of violence, political unrest, and natural disasters that have significantly impacted the well-being of its citizens. The nation is

climate change and conflict in Somalia

The interconnectedness of climate change and conflict in Somalia

The interconnectedness of climate change and conflict in Somalia is an intricate and alarming phenomenon that goes beyond the confines of traditional environmental and geopolitical discourse. The irreversible effects of climate change have added to Somalia's complex variety of problems, which have been characterized by decades of violence and political

Devastating drought in Somalia

Devastating drought in Somalia: A look at the root causes

Devastating drought in Somalia has led to famine in the East African country. Somalia, a nation marked by its breathtaking landscapes and resilient people, grappling with a recurring and devastating adversary: drought. These prolonged and severe droughts have inflicted profound suffering on the population, exacerbating the already complex challenges facing

Climate change and food security
Advocacy Food

Climate change and food security: risks and responses in Africa

The delicate interplay between climate change and food security has become a global concern transcending geographical, sociological, and economic barriers. Nowhere are the implications of this cooperation more visible than in Africa's various landscapes. A continent that is more susceptible to climate change and its impact.    Africa is endowed

Climate change

Climate change wreaks havoc in Southern Africa

Climate change is a worldwide phenomenon that has expressed its disruptive impact in Southern Africa with exceptional vigor. As temperatures rise, weather patterns shift, and natural ecosystems transform, the repercussions for the nations that call this diverse and vibrant region home have been disastrous.   Climate change's havoc in Southern

green economy/ unemployment
Advocacy Saving the Planet

Prioritizing green economy in Africa: A dual solution for unemployment and climate change

   It is no secret that Africa has the youngest population worldwide. The expected rise in median age from 18.8 years today, to 19.9 years by 2023 underscores the impending increase in the youth demographic under the age of 25 over the next decade.    Source: Statista.com    This has raised

Human causes of climate change

Human causes of climate change in Nigeria: Can youth activists turn the tide of inaction?

Although there are numerous reasons for climate change, human activities have a significant impact on the outcome. Climate change is a primary global concern that has emerged as one of the most critical challenges of the twenty-first century.   Its global effects are being felt, affecting ecosystems, weather patterns, and

Global warming

Global warming: severe consequences for Africa

One of the repercussions of climate change has been identified as global warming. We have gotten to the stage where we take the earth for granted. The more we ignore the effects of global warming on the world as we know it, the more its effect. Although Africa accounted for

climate crisis/education/youth
Advocacy Saving the Planet

The climate crisis and education: preparing our youths for the future

  The climate crisis is one of the biggest problems we are facing today. Scientists agree that we have limited time to act before the effects become irreversible, and studies have shown that education is crucial in addressing this crisis and equipping our children with the knowledge and skills to

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social media-influence-climate research
Advocacy Saving the Planet

The influence of social media on climate research

We can hardly imagine our daily life without social media. It helps to convey messages, shape public opinion, and raise awareness because of its inherent ability to reach a number of the public.    Social media contributes to the development of social ties, and its influence on society is profound, encompassing

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