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plastic bricks
Recycling Saving the Planet

Can plastic bricks pave a road out of Kenya’s plastic waste problem?

Plastic bricks - two words that may seem unrelated at first glance but contain a remarkable story of innovation and environmental sustainability. The development of plastic bricks as a solution is a ground-breaking move toward changing Kenya's relationship with one of the most pervasive and problematic materials of its day as

Recycling Saving the Planet

7 ways you can promote recycling via community engagement

We've established that we all can play a modest but significant role in conserving the environment and restoring the grandeur of our communities by recycling waste. However, there's still a lot to be done about improving municipal recycling efforts.   While recycling has gone mainstream and is being adopted in

Kër Thiossane - climateaction
Recycling Projects Saving the Planet

Climate change: Trash-inspired art featured at Kër Thiossane’s 2022 AFROPIXEL Festival

The environmental problems that the world is battling today stem from the indiscriminate activities of humans. Ecosystems are being degraded and polluted, resulting in an inhabitable environment for humans and other living species. Oftentimes, the solution to these environmental problems usually just means ridding the earth of all the thrash that

greenwashing - climateaction
Recycling Carbon Saving the Planet Sustainability

Big plastic polluters and their never-ending greenwashing agenda

Most businesses with plastics at the core of their production are trying to be greener. However, a good number of these big plastic polluters have been on a greenwashing spree to gain public validation and pass off as playing their part to save the environment but not all of them

fast fashion - climateaction
Recycling Saving the Planet Sustainability Trending

Fast fashion: Love Island’s second-hand wardrobe idea will promote sustainability

Love Island, the popular dating reality show, will return this summer with new eco-friendly practices in mind.   Yes. Contestants this year are ditching fast fashion and will use second-hand clothing for a summer of sustainability!   In the sizzling summer series where men and women go to an island

kaltani - climateaction
Recycling Saving the Planet

Plastic waste: Kaltani raises US$4m in seed funding to expand recycling operations in Nigeria

Our dependency on plastic is causing great damage to the environment. This is because plastic waste is one of many types of waste that do not decompose easily – taking anywhere between 20 to 500 years to degrade in landfills. To make matters worse, about 91% of all the plastics

plastic - climateaction
Recycling Saving the Planet

Plastic recycling symbols and what they mean

You'll agree with us that when it comes to saving the planet, plastic recycling is one activity that most people turn to as it gives them this sense of playing their part for the greater good of all.   However, as with most things, plastics belong to a group of

Garden Waste

Beginner’s guide to managing household garden waste

Waste mismanagement is a major issue that affects every member of society. For one, improperly discarded waste has a negative impact on the environment. Even more, it's a huge source of land, air, and water pollution. Although there are different types of waste, one in particular that requires special attention

Blue bin

Blue bin and how it helps to recycle

The ease of recycling is that there are different colored bins to indicate what goes where. This not only makes recycling simple but also makes waste disposal effortless. While these bins are not commonplace in developing countries, it sure doesn't hurt to know about them. There are several sorts of

electronic waste

The harmful effects of electronic waste

To stay operational and relevant in their respective markets, the majority of businesses today rely on electronics. Electronic needs are growing in tandem with the demands of the business. Companies are always on the lookout for the newest, fastest, and smartest technologies to help them manage their hectic day-to-day operations.

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