Climate change: Trash-inspired art featured at Kër Thiossane’s 2022 AFROPIXEL Festival

Kër Thiossane - climateaction

Climate change: Trash-inspired art featured at Kër Thiossane’s 2022 AFROPIXEL Festival

The environmental problems that the world is battling today stem from the indiscriminate activities of humans. Ecosystems are being degraded and polluted, resulting in an inhabitable environment for humans and other living species.

Oftentimes, the solution to these environmental problems usually just means ridding the earth of all the thrash that human activities are generating.

As part of the AFROPIXEL Festival, Kër Thiossane had a beautiful exhibition of art made of trash to create awareness about climate change and encourage the repurposing of used items.

Since 2008, Kër Thiossane organizes the Afropixel Festival which invites international actors of digital art to exchange with local actors and federate to collectively contribute to a better perception and dissemination of digital arts in Africa.

Through this initiative, it also allows the public and Senegalese artists to be in tune with the changes related to the development of ICT and the questions or modes of expression that stem from them while preserving their identities.

A cultural and social laboratory founded on artistic experimentation, open culture, and shared knowledge, Kër Thiossane started its activities in 2002 in Dakar, Senegal.

Kër Thiossane, with its FabLab and the Garden Jardin Jet d’Eau, encourages the integration of multimedia in traditional artistic and creative practices to other domains of society and seeks to support the mixing of disciplines.

It focuses its activities on research on art and new technologies, and on what they imply in our societies.

Through the activities it offers, Kër Thiossane brings new technologies within reach of as many people as possible as tools for expression and creation but also as tools for access to culture and knowledge.

In 2003, with the participation of the Daniel Langlois Canadian Foundation for Art, Science, and New Technologies, the association opened a digital public space, with the aim of offering activities other than simple consumption – the fascination of the Internet, disseminated by the many cybers that exist in Senegal.

In 2008, she implemented the first Afropixel festival, which focused on free software in connection with civic practices in Africa and in the countries of the South.

Kër Thiossane seeks to develop exchanges and collaborations with structures on the African continent but also to forge links with other continents, and in particular with countries of the South.

For this, Kër Thiossane develops international cooperation projects, such as the Rose Des Vents Numériques project which took place in 2010 and 2011 as part of the support program for cultural industries set up by the European Union and the Office of the States of Africa – Caribbean – Pacific.

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