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Climate change mitigation: Africa must prioritize the restoration of depleting ecosystems

According to the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), the world loses about 10 million hectares of forest (about 114,763 km²). It also revealed in a report that the degradation of ecosystems is already affecting the lives of about 40% of the world’s population and that soil erosion and other forms

#YouthADAPT Challenge - climateaction
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Youth-led MSME or Innovator? Apply for the #YouthADAPT Challenge 2022 to drive climate change adaptation and resilience

Global Center on Adaptation (GCA), African Development Bank (AfDB), and Climate Investment Funds have launched the second edition of the African Youth Adaptation Solutions #YouthAdapt Challenge.   #YouthADAPT Challenge is an annual competition and awards program for youth-led enterprises (50% women-led) and seeks to boost sustainable job creation through support

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Climate Change in Africa Can Destabilize ‘Countries and Entire Regions’ – WMO

The State of the Climate in Africa 2021 reveals that rainfall patterns are disrupted, glaciers are disappearing and key lakes are shrinking   Water stress and hazards like withering droughts and devastating floods are hitting African communities, economies and ecosystems hard, according to a new report launched on Thursday by

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Highlighting the Business Opportunities in Climate Change 

Today, the main focus of climate change conversation is mitigation. Solutions for mitigating or even eliminating the causes or effects of climate change are referred to as mitigation.   Although adaptation is just as vital as mitigation in terms of combating climate change, it somehow gets less attention.   Adaptation

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Apply for ClimaTech RUN 2022

ClimaTech Run is a multi-stage, international initiative for digital artists and tech entrepreneurs who are all passionate about sustainability and a brighter future for everyone.   the Ministry of Environment, the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, and the Ministry of International Cooperation in Egypt. The ClimaTech competition links technology

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Emissions budget and why carbon inequality is a disserve to Africa

Climate change is one of the biggest environmental crises we currently face because its impact is felt in almost every aspect of our lives: water, food, wellbeing, etc.   In a bid to tackle the climate crisis, the global community established SDGs, adopted the Paris Climate Agreement, and proposed o

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Saving the Planet

Compost: A two-way solution for climate change and managing food waste

Food loss is exacerbating hunger and food insecurity globally.   According to the United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP) Food Waste Index, 1.3 billion tonnes of food is either lost or wasted yearly, across the world.   Also, a report published in July 2021 by the Food and Agriculture Organization, the

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Green Climate Fund approves $60 million in funding to support climate-resilient projects in Benin and the Gambia

The Board of the Green Climate Fund (GCF) has approved $60 million in funding to support climate-resilient projects in Benin and the Gambia.   Through a partnership with the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), the new projects will introduce and promote climate-resilient and sustainable practices to

Abacha stove - climateaction
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The return of Abacha stove: A look at the health and environmental costs of Nigeria’s economic hardship

Nigeria's booming charcoal business has continued to blossom, putting doubts on the adaptation level in rural areas where mass tree felling for charcoal has continued to surge.   Although mass tree felling for the purpose of producing charcoal is a business of the rural areas, especially in the North Central

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Dirty cooking: A health risk to women in Africa

According to the International Energy Agency's new Energy Progress Report, close to 3 billion people have no access to clean cooking solutions, mainly in Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa.   Of the top 20 countries with the greatest number of people lacking access to clean fuel and technologies for cooking, 10

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