Apply! Orodata Africa Data Hub Cohort 3 Community ‘Climate’ Journalism Fellowship

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Apply! Orodata Africa Data Hub Cohort 3 Community ‘Climate’ Journalism Fellowship

Application is now open for the third cohort of the Africa Data Hub (ADH) community journalism fellowship by Orodata Science.


Unlike other journalism calls, this call specifically seeks reporters focused on documenting and reporting on the resulting health challenges from the flood crisis in several parts of Nigeria (termed the nation’s worst flood-hit in a decade) weeks ago.


The flood hit 33 of Nigeria’s 36 states and over 600 deaths were recorded while over 1.3 million people were displaced from their homes. People were literally cut off from neighboring communities as the roads were washed away by the flood, and electricity, as well as the network, was unstable.


This new call seeks reporters who are willing and able to report on the health implications as communities struggle to access food, shelter, and health services. It further seeks to amplify the severe impacts of climate and environmental disasters on Nigeria’s already deteriorating healthcare system, while documenting, collecting data, and uncovering the factors contributing to the unusual rainfalls, overflowing local rivers and dams, inadequate infrastructure, non-implementation of environmental guidelines, among others.


The program will prioritize stories deep-diving into community health challenges related to climate change, climate disaster, flooding, and unusual river, and dam overflow, as they affect local communities and women and girls especially.


This fellowship will support community journalists with grants, capacity development, and tools to produce data-driven and evidence-based reports on the selected theme.


These reports will chart insights towards proper resource planning, emergency planning, policy change, effective public service delivery, grassroots development, and improvement of the quality of life.


What you stand to gain as an Africa Data Hub Community Journalism Fellow


  • Opportunity to participate in a hands-on capacity building Bootcamp that will provide training on climate reporting, data storytelling, and mapping techniques. Journalists will also learn how to source, analyze and visualize data in engaging and compelling ways.
  • A grant sum for each fellow to support their reports
  • Published reports from fellows that will be remade into short video documentaries
  • Advice from mentors to improve their reporting and access to the entire ADH Community
  • Additional editorial and technical support such as data research and analysis, data visualizations, infographics, and mapping for the stories produced by the fellows




Applicants must be journalists based in Nigeria. Pitches from freelance reporters and staff from all types of media organizations, especially community-based are encouraged to apply


Entry instructions


  • The number of grants available is limited, therefore the first 10 – 20 pitches received will stand the best chance of being considered
  • Pitches must meet our selected theme
  • All pitches must be no more than 250 words
  • The pitch should highlight the key issue you want to focus on, why it is relevant to the program, and the extent to which it is under-reported
  • Applicants are expected to pitch to develop stories in the communities in the states where they reside or a close neighboring community
  • Applicants are expected to participate in the two weeks Data Journalism Bootcamp online. Dates will be communicated
  • Indicate why you are the right person to report it and the access you already have
  • Include a letter or email from the editor of a publication who is interested in publishing your story.


Interested in the opportunity? Apply here


About Africa Data Hub (ADH)


The Africa Data Hub Community Journalism Fellowship (ACJF) is an initiative of Orodata Science whose mission is to continue to democratize data, and knowledge toward solutions that impact the lives of millions.

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