Apply for ClimaTech RUN 2022

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Apply for ClimaTech RUN 2022

ClimaTech Run is a multi-stage, international initiative for digital artists and tech entrepreneurs who are all passionate about sustainability and a brighter future for everyone.


the Ministry of Environment, the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, and the Ministry of International Cooperation in Egypt. The ClimaTech competition links technology and creativity in science.


A serious global problem like climate change is frequently relegated to a checkbox, checked through an “eco-friendly” phrase, or mentioned in passing.


We are fortunate to live in a time when technology is so powerful and offers so many options to improve our quality of life. As a result, we must work together to create an entire environment that fosters creativity and innovation in climate action.




The application is seeking cutting-edge technological solutions for environmental sustainability in the areas of transportation, food security, renewable energy, agriculture, water management, and urban sustainability. It’s also interested in any fresh ICT-related initiatives.


Africa is more vulnerable to the harmful effects of climate change. To reward their accomplishments, there is an award specifically for African digital entrepreneurs.


Winners will be chosen by a global jury of professional judges.


Benefits of participation


  • A top reward of $100,000 USD
  • 50,000 USD second-place award
  • $25,00 third-place reward
Regarding digital artists


Inviting all visual storytellers and artists who can instill hope for climate action! The purpose of this track is to demonstrate how technology is essential for forging a bond with our planet.


ClimaTech accepts all forms of digital art and media expression. Digital paintings and sketches, 3D modeling, vector art, animation movies, matte paintings and photo manipulation, pixel art, digital collage, and photography are all acceptable forms of submission. It is also urged to use new media technology for artistic purposes.


A panel of internal and external judges from various creative industries will select the shortlisted entries, and the winners will be chosen by public vote.


Digital artist awards benefits include


  • Gain a complimentary $5,000 prize
  • Bring your artwork to COP27
  • Engage with those who care about the environment and digital artists
Criteria for selection


  • Innovation: The solution must be creative and have a cutting-edge technological component
  • Group and skills: The startup should have a strong staff with a balance of men and women and a variety of expertise and knowledge.
  • Feasibility: The company plan, value proposition, competitiveness, and scalability of the startup will all be evaluated.
  • Clarity: The concepts should be clearly stated and approached.
  • Influence: The remedy ought to affect both the environment and the socio-economic system.
  • Investment: A startup should have a well-defined business and financial strategy that incorporates indicative funding sources, important investment risks, and investment paths.


To be able to qualify, all applicants must fulfill the following application requirements:


  • Operating as a registered startup for two years
  • Team with a minimum of two players and a member average under forty
  • An innovative company that is driven by sustainability and supported by a new technology
  • Not a subsidiary or spin-off of an established business
  • Possesses a working prototype or MVP (minimum viable product)
  • The team can present their startup in English and has good communication abilities.


The deadline for submission is Thursday, September 22, 2022. You can click here to apply for the ClimaTech RUN.


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