Top 10 recycling companies in Africa

recycling companies

Top 10 recycling companies in Africa

Recycling is the process of collecting waste and processing them for reuse. Many individuals have turned this into business thereby adding to the economy.

Here are the top 10 recycling companies in Africa.


A tech-enabled company based in Nigeria yet has established operations across Africa, launched in 2018 by Chime Okwuokenye, Rob Homan and Molawa Adesuyi.

They are on the mission of reducing carbon footprint in Africa and making the world greener. They collect plastic waste from beaches, landfills and other places.

Through its mobile app and SMS service as an incentive to encourage people to recycle their waste, they offer them things like access to free health care, sanitary towels and even school fees. Recyclan is rapidly making a change in Africa.


Bekia is a start-up recycling company, based in Egypt. It was started in 2017, they allow people to sell their household waste like plastic, electronics and paper, in exchange, they can earn points to help them shop for free, buy school supplies etc. founded by Alaa Afifi Kamal.

Mr Green Africa

Based in Nairobi Kenya, Mr. green Africa is a start-up that is concerned with selling pre-processed recycling materials with social and environmental impact. They tackle waste management .founded by Keiran Smith.


Co-founded by Prince Agbata in 2016 to address the issue of plastic waste in Ghana and promote environmental sustainability. They recover and recycle plastic waste, paper and beverage cans  into new products.

Vicfold Recyclers

Based in Nigeria, this start-up aims to provide communities with exceptional waste recycling services to protect and improve waste management.

Co-founded by Victor Amusa, they give municipal alternate means to dumpsites and landfills, they help to reduce waste indiscrimination and also serve as a means of economic empowerment to the community.

Facet power

Founded by Robert G. Kelly III, this company is specialized in transforming waste like biomass and plastic into clean and renewable energy, biochar to regenerate agriculture and activated carbon for cleaning drinking water. They have an impact on environmental and societal challenges.


A Nigerian-based start-up co-founded by Bilikiss Adebiyi Abiola in 2012, they specialize in collecting recyclable waste from households in Lagos State Nigeria.

They also give households who participate points that could earn them food, cleaning products or free calls. They are in partnership with Lagos Waste Management.


Founded by Eyram Amedzor, Emmanuel Oduro and Kevin Gawo, the start-up is based in Ghana, they provide a connection for companies and their field workers and customers, they started from the waste management to make it easier to function.


A start-up company based in Kenya, founded by Lorna Rutto 2009, is specialized in collecting recycling waste and using them to create aesthetics, durable and environmentally friendly plastic lumber that can be used in fencing and landscaping.

Go Clean

An Egypt-based start-up founded by Mohammed Hamdy in 2019. They started the non-technology-based solution for cleaning water from toxic metals, they also installed a fish-shaped trashed container to help the collection of waste from water.

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