5 Recycling Projects for kids

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5 Recycling Projects for kids

As the issue of climate change takes center stage, recycling has evolved from being an adults hobby to an activity that bears great significance to the future of our climate. Even now, recycling projects have extended to all ages including kids; the aim is to create awareness about recycling to these kids and teach them ways they can participate in recycling and making the planet safe.

Kids should know that recycling is a way of reusing an already used item into a new item. Teachers and parents can teach kids about recycling using different items at their disposal while also encouraging them to be creative.

Here are five recycling projects for kids that are educational and functional:

Art and crafts

Instead of buying cardboard all the time, why not use cereal boxes?

Kids consume a great amount of cereal as that is one of the foods they enjoy and consume greatly. Therefore it is only reasonable to not throwing the boxes away, rather recycle them for kids projects.

They can create new toys from these boxes like paper laptops, rocket craft, play town, etc. While these will educate the kids, it will also save money for new cardboard.

Kids can also use boxes to create board games, they can use newspapers to create art like paper butterflies, flowers, and wallpapers for their rooms, these will save money too.

Paint the bins

This is another project that can help the kids to recycle. When bins are painted and they know which waste goes into the wet bin or solid bin, it encourages the kids to participate in this painting so they can easily recycle waste.

Make recycling bins for the home

Instead of throwing boxes away, encourage the kids to use them as bin boxes in their rooms, these boxes can be used as indoor bins by kids as a recycling project.

Read about recycling

Kids deserve to know the facts too, read them the facts and encourage them to read the facts so they can better participate in recycling.

Like 75% of trash is recyclable and also the meaning of recycling and how it can help the environment.

Join recycling clubs

Encourage the kids to join and participate in recycling clubs or climate clubs in their schools. These clubs are projects that could be put in place for kids to recycle.

These recycling projects are very important activities in which to engage kids. They are good concepts to promote recycling among kids; as such, if parents and educators can adopt these projects, kids will see that recycling goes beyond the different waste bins for waste items. They would come to learn that recycling is giving an item a different purpose and learn not to throw everything away.

Furthermore, since kids are the future leaders, it is imperative that they know about recycling. Climate change is affecting everyone and with global warming comes various challenges that kids are not immune to.

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