5 songs you never knew addressed climate change

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5 songs you never knew addressed climate change

That the world is currently experiencing the devastating impact of climate change – extreme storms, droughts, famine, fires, displacements, and sickness- is no longer news.

This is due to the rapid increase in the human population and activities which has led to the widespread damage of the environment – emissions, waste, destroying habitats, and degrading lands.

From all indications, these events are expected to increase in frequency if nothing is done to limit global temperature from rising beyond 1.5C. It then becomes essential to create awareness about climate change – what it is, causes, and how to mitigate it.

Since songs help us to connect more with our feelings, emotions, or environment in a way that resonates with others, musicians are using their art to address climate change issues and call for greater climate action.

Below are 5 songs that allude to environmental conservation and the impacts of climate change. We hope they spur you to take action.

Despite Repeated Warnings – Paul McCartney

Despite Repeated Warnings by Paul McCartney is an allegorical song that implores listeners to pay heed to the many warnings — extreme temperatures, wildfires, and storms — that the planet is giving us as a result of climate change and inaction.

The song describes a crazed captain (depicting world leaders) who refuses to heed warnings about an impending iceberg (depicting climate change) and was eventually tied up by concerned passengers to avert disaster.

In a nutshell, people can save the planet if they made concerted efforts to reduce carbon footprints.

Earth Song – Michael Jackson

Earth Song is a ballad by Michael Jackson that vividly captures the consequences of global destruction through its lyrical content and vivid images – capturing the changes between the past and the present.

Michael Jackson begins the song with rhetorical questions asking about the challenges that the earth is experiencing.

His sound of pain in the song depicts the earth’s pain and cry for help, eliciting the emotions of listeners and bringing reactions toward many environmental issues.

Feels Like Summer – Childish Gambino

Childish Gambino the song “Feels Like Summer”, encourages the people in the world to slow down and ask about the events that have led to increased summer temperatures and the death of animals and insects.

“Air that kills the bees that we depend upon…Birds were made for singing…Waking up to no sound…”

Colors of the Wind – Pocahontas

This beautiful ballad is one of the soundtracks of Disney’s Pocahontas.

The colors of the wind touch on issues related to the environment and climate justice – hammering on protecting and saving the planet.

A closer look at the lyrics reveals a very crucial point that the earth has life and as such, can’t be claimed.

This is especially addressing the capitalist move to purchase land and damage it in the process of making a profit, leading to deforestation which in turn destroys the earth’s chances of survival.

All the good girls go to hell – Billie Eilish

In the song “All the good girls go to hell”, Billie Eilish prioritizes the climate and draws attention to climate change.

Some lyrics like “hills burn in California” and “once waters start to rise,” in the song highlight specific consequences of climate change.

She outrightly “drags” humanity for the abuse it puts the earth through, expressing her frustration at the inaction and nonchalant attitude of people to issues about climate change.

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