5 haunting poems that’ll make you believe in climate change

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5 haunting poems that’ll make you believe in climate change

In politics, the media, education, and almost every other field of human pursuit, climate change has become a central issue. Far beyond an environmental threat, climate change is a human crisis.

Addressing this global emergency requires an all-hands-on-deck approach. As activists advocate, writers write, and poets also compose touching, poignant poems that pull on our heartstrings. In recent times, poets have come up with ecopoetry– a new style of poetry that describes a world fraught with environmental challenges.

This form of poetry takes a more critical lens towards humanity’s relationship with the planet. It strips away the illusion of our observer status.

Ecopoetry bluntly challenges our reasoning that we are untouchable by the climate crisis. It drives home the point that though we might not be aware humans are part of nature and we are entangled in its movements.

To that end, we’ve rounded up five stirring poems about climate change that will ignite the spark of activism in you. They also offer you an opportunity to reflect on the climate change at hand while you consider what it means for all humanity.

Once the World Was Perfect by Joy Harjo

A perfectly touching poem that touches on lost hope and redemption. It speaks about humans who failed to appreciate the world they had until it somehow became lost.

The poem relates how a combination of doubt, fear, greed, envy, and hate plunged the world into darkness, leaving mankind to grope around. On the bright side, it conveys how mankind’s ability to show compassion, kindness, and cooperation result in the survival of the human race.

Making the Change by Roger McGough

This poem is a raw depiction of climate-related devastations across the globe. It describes the suffering of real people whether rich or poor. According to the poet, there’s no need for subtitles as the language of suffering is universal.

The poet’s tone conveys his aggravation at big polluters and other culprits and his frustration at those who deny the reality of climate change. The poem is an evocative yet urgent call for all to take action.

Inheritance by John Agard

The poem captures the condition of the earth, comparing its present reality to former days of glory; days of lush green grasses and clear blue skies.

Alluding to the Bible about the meek ones and inheritances, the poem is one rhetorical but factual accounts chronicling the earth’s degradation.

Letter to Noah’s Wife by Maya C. Popa

The poet assumes the persona of ‘Noah’s wife’ who watches helplessly as people suffer the consequences of climate change.

Equal parts beautiful and haunting, Letters to Noah’s Wife describes the feelings of uncertainty and constant fear of the unknown as we observe changes in the earth.

Warned by Sylvia Stults

Like the title suggests, the poem is a loud warning about the damages done to the earth and how we need to preserve our natural resources before it is too late.

Though deceptively simple, Stults probes some of the deepest and most complex questions of climate change such as who is responsible? What is the way forward?

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