#FactFriday on Cleanbuild Voices

fact friday

#FactFriday on Cleanbuild Voices

Fact Friday on #CleanbuildVoices

Its TGIF readers!

Here is a fact to start the weekend

Did you know that 1 in 5 death is attributed to air pollution?

Over 4 million people globally and 780,000 in Africa die from air pollution annually majorly from industrial and domestic emissions.

Also, there is a high mortality rate caused by industrialization in African countries especially Nigeria and South Africa.

43,000 deaths are linked to the burning of biomass by farmers and individuals. Using firewood to make that delicious jollof rice is also contributing to air pollution.

Did you also know that air pollution can cause respiratory illness?

If the air is toxic and polluted, it could aggravate cardiovascular and respiratory illnesses like asthma and the like.

It can also add stress to the heart and lungs as they would need to work harder to supply oxygen. Now you know why we should stop burning things like waste and using fossil fuel generators?

Because air pollution can damage cells in the respiratory system.

Use rechargeable, use solar panels and inverters to generate power during power outages as you enjoy this weekend. Remember to live green as you put this fact to mind and use.

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