Climate justice Thursday #cleanbuildvoices

air pollution

Climate justice Thursday #cleanbuildvoices

Hey readers, its climate justice Thursday on clean build voices!

Today, cleanbuild voices is asking “do you know you have a right to clean air?”

Air pollution is a daily issue in Africa, the poor waste collection system, industries that burn tons of fossil fuels, power generators used by homeowners and vehicles contributing immensely to air pollution. They release carbon dioxide into the air, causing air pollution.

Air is a very important part of human life, we need air to survive, and as such, the air can also be very dangerous to health when it is polluted.

The health issues that stem from air pollution are not to be taken lightly. Report has it that one third of health lung cancer, stroke and even heart disease comes from air pollution. Now you know.

Everyone has a right to clean air, ask questions to this effect, what are the measures taken to curb air pollution and ensuring that the air is clean and not harmful.

The question then is, how can we ask questions?

Attend a local government town hall meeting, raise your hands and ask questions, it is your health, it is your right.

You have a right to clean air, a right to breathe free and a right to know. Take actions and ask questions.

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