#ClimateStory4Kids: The people of zuma land


#ClimateStory4Kids: The people of zuma land


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Once upon a time, there was a big city called Zuma Land. It was a big city because it had four towns under it named Fang, Heart, Future, and Tail. They all lived together in peace and had one king.


The king of Zuma Land lived in Fang town, and the people of Fang were known for their wisdom. They were the clever ones. The other towns, Heart, Future, and Tail, were hardworking farmers. They worked in the fields, growing crops to feed everyone in Zuma Land.


The weather was usually good in Zuma land, and the people of Heart, Future, and Tail had many harvests. They had plenty of food to eat and even extra to sell to the people of Fang. The people of Fang, in turn, stored this food in their big barns for the future.


Life went on like this for a while, with everyone living happily. But one day, something unusual happened. The weather in Zuma land changed, and the farmers in Heart, Future, and Tail towns could not farm well. The crops in their fields began to dry up, and rain didn’t come.


Sometimes it didn’t rain, and other times were big floods that washed away the crops they had worked so hard to grow. Because the people in Heart, Future, and Tail towns didn’t store much food, they had very little left to eat. But the people in Fang town still had plenty of food and looked healthy.


The people in Heart, Future, and Tail saw that the people in fang town were doing well, and they became angry and felt cheated.


In their anger, the people of Heart, Future, and Tail started a war on Fang. They believed that the people of Fang kept all the food for themselves. They broke into Fang town, took all their food, destroyed their homes, and parted away with some of their resources.


The king of Zuma Land tried to stop the war and bring peace, but they had agreed to fight. For thirty long days, the towns of Zuma Land fought against each other.


Seeing the destruction and sadness caused by the war, the king of Zuma Land called for one last meeting with his people. He explained to them that the people of Fang had extra food because they had stored it for times like this. He also told them to remain calm.


The king went to see the wise owl. The wise owl has magical powers and can tell about the future. The king explained to the wise owl about the changes in the weather at Zuma land and how it led to a big fight among his people.


The wise owl told the king that the people of Zuma land had been throwing their dirt away carelessly and cutting down many trees from the forest. The wise owl also explained to the king how their activities affected their future and how they must do better to bring peace to their land.


The king went to his people and told them everything the wise owl said. He advised everyone to work together and unite to end the war. They all worked together to reduce their harmful activities destroying their environment.


Everyone in Zuma Land realized the need to take care of their world. They all started to work as a team, reducing the things hurting the environment. They stopped throwing dirt around and cutting down too many trees.


As the people of Zuma Land worked together, something magical happened. The weather started to go back to normal. The rain fell at the right time, and the farmers in Heart, Future, and Tail towns grew their crops again. They all farmed well and stored food for the future.


From that day forward, the people of Zuma Land worked together and cared for their environment.


Zuma Land became a place of peace and harmony once again, and everyone lived happily ever after.


The end!

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