#ClimateStory4Kids: Kikky and the magical forest


#ClimateStory4Kids: Kikky and the magical forest

Hello kids. Welcome to #ClimateStory4Kids!  


Once upon a time in a magical forest filled with talking animals, lakes, and colorful flowers, lived a brave little girl named Kikky.


She lived with her family in a treehouse surrounded by the beauty of the forest. Oh, how she loved to dance and play with the animals.


One day, Kikky noticed that the forest was different. The flowers weren’t as bright, the lakes were drying, and the animals didn’t chatter happily anymore.


The forest was losing its magic. Kikky was not happy and knew she had to find out what was happening.


Kikky decided to go deeper into the forests, as she tiptoed through the tall trees, she saw a golden egg in a cave. Her eyes were filled with wonder and excitement.


I wonder what’s inside? she said to herself. Without wasting time, she carefully cracked the egg, and to her surprise, was a baby dragon. The little dragon looked up at Kikky with her big bright eyes.


Hello, little one. I’m Kikky, and I’ll call you Sparky, Kikky smiled and gave the baby dragon a gentle pat.


Sparky was special with colorful hair and a long tail that attracted other animals. They all loved to be around Sparky because she had a different glow.


Sparky grew bigger and stronger every day, and one day, she soon told Kikky a secret. She was the last of the magical forest dragons, and her kind used to make the forest bloom with magic.


Sparky explained to Kikky how the forest was harmed by humans who cut down trees for cooking and hunted the animals, causing some of them to disappear, and all the other forest dragons vanished.


Kikky felt sad for Sparky and the forest. She wanted to help bring back the magic! Sparky told Kikky that there was a magical gem hidden somewhere in the forest. If they found it, they could bring back all the lost dragons and the forest’s magical bloom.


Kikky and Sparky decided to search for the magical gem together. They went on an exciting adventure, meeting talking birds and helpful squirrels along the way. Kikky told all the animals about their mission, and the animals agreed to help too!


They met some humans who were not taking care of the forest. Kikky bravely told them about the magical gem and how important it was to stop their dirty activities. The humans listened and promised to change their ways.


Finally, after days of searching, they found the magical gem hidden in a bush. Kikky placed the gem gently on the bush, and it started to glow brightly. A magical glow spread all around, and suddenly, the forest felt alive with magic again!


The lost dragons came back one by one, and the flowers bloomed like never before. The forest was happy and magical once more, all thanks to Kikky and Sparky’s bravery and the help of their animal friends.


From that day on, Kikky and Sparky became the protectors of the forest. They made sure everyone in the forest and the humans from nearby lands treated nature with love and care.


And so, the magical forest thrived, filled with laughter, friendship, and lots of magic, all because of a brave little girl named Kikky and her last dragon friend, Sparky. And they all lived happily ever after.


The end.

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