#SolutionMonday: Eco-conscious? Here are 4 ways to tell if a product is ecofriendly

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#SolutionMonday: Eco-conscious? Here are 4 ways to tell if a product is ecofriendly

Hello readers. Welcome to #SolutionMonday on CleanbuildVoices!

We bet you hear a lot about the rise of the conscious consumer, you might even be one and you’re definitely on the right path if you’re one.

As people become more conscious of the way their lifestyles could impact the climate in a negative way, their consciousness is translating to actions as they now prefer buying from companies that share their values. However, eco-conscious individuals, more often than not, find it difficult to pick out which product is truly eco-friendly.

Although it may be difficult to tell if a product is truly eco-friendly by taking a look at it, taking some more time to sift through the greenwashing that many companies do to appear green when they are just after their own pockets will help you stay on course.

Well, you’re in luck. Below are 4 simple ways to navigate the greenwashing by most brands when making purchases:

Do your own research

Research the business in question by doing a quick Google search and see what the media is saying about what the company does to help the environment. Be sure to seek out reputable, trustworthy sources while at it.

Check only for specifics

Many companies claim that their product is ecofriendly with ambiguous statements aimed at confusing you. but broad statements like that don’t really mean anything when you get right down to it.

Instead, take a look at the claims the company makes about their product on their packaging, website, or via their adverts.

Avoid greenwashing branding

Many companies deceive buyers into thinking their product is eco-friendly by using packaging with images suggesting that. Still make your own research and pay no hid to their greenwashing tactics.

Check for certified labels

This is a reliable way to tell if a company is eco-friendly as it involves verification by a reputable third-party organization.

You can check the websites of these third parties or the label of the product itself for green certifications.

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