Fifth day of Christmas: 3 tips to dress sustainably and fab

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Fifth day of Christmas: 3 tips to dress sustainably and fab

Thinking about all of the places you have to go to and all the appearances you have to make this Christmas can be a full-time job especially if you have to consider sustainability when choosing what to wear.

Most of the clothes out there are made with synthetic materials and accessories, making them unrecyclable. What this means is that they will end up in landfills where they are sure to contribute to environmental degradation.

Because we know you want to look fab in a way that isn’t detrimental to the environment, our fifth day of Christmas gift to you on our 12 Days of Christmas Special series is 3 tips for you to dress sustainably and fab.

Patronize brands that promote sustainability

That you have to dress sustainably and fab doesn’t mean it’s going to be complicated. You can buy your clothes from high-fashion brands that guarantee their products which means you wear them for a long period of time without having to worry about repairs.

The good thing is that most of these sustainable wear are eco-friendly because they are made from organic cotton making them free from synthetic fibers and accessories.

Special occasion? rent.

Yeah. It’s not only for balls or weddings that you should consider renting clothes.

Considering the fact that any event you will be attending this season almost always will fall around the same period the following year, you could consider renting.

There are shops with special tailors that could ensure a proper fitting for you so that it fits then you can return the clothes after the event.

Non-trendy clothes

This is our favorite tip for dressing sustainably and fab. There are timeless outfit combinations that look cool and have been tried and tested to be sustainable.

Outfits like cotton jackets, wool socks, cotton dresses, etc., will always be fashionable. Remember to go for neutral colors as well as colors are seasonal for some people.

And so, our fifth day of Christmas ends. We hope you found 3 tips to dress sustainably and fab helpful.

Join us tomorrow as we will be sharing Christmas-themed movies you should see.

Don’t forget to share our tips for you to dress sustainably and fab. Happy holiday!

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