What you should know about solar panel cleaning

solar panel cleaning

What you should know about solar panel cleaning

The idea of solar panel cleaning is one that might or will never come to mind as it might sound hilarious because many think the rain might as well wash it. The question then is can solar panels be cleaned?

The answer is yes. As much as it rains on solar panels helping to clean them and restore their efficiency to 95%, they still need to be free of dust, dirt, pollen, and debris that accumulate on the solar panels. If not done, exposure to dirt and grime can reduce its efficiency by approximately 5% especially for those living in areas where it hardly rains, this effect can multiply.

Notably, solar panel cleaning really depends on factors like how much dust it has accumulated, the amount of impact the dust has on the performance of the solar panel, and if rain actually washes the dust off to restore the panel.

How to determine if your solar panel needs cleaning

If a solar panel has been in use for up to a year, its energy production varies, this is because of the change in weather as the seasons progresses.

If there is a reduction in the performance of the solar, dirty panels could be the cause. Also, there could be other factors to determine if the solar needs cleaning, such as:

If solar panels are positioned to lay flat on the surface, they are likely to accumulate large surface soils.

If you live close to a farm or on a farm, the air in such areas carries much dust therefore your solar panel needs cleaning.

Some rainfall starts with heavy wind, if this happens, the possibility that your solar panel has plenty of dust that needs to be sprayed out is very high.

If you live in an area where there is high burning or industrial pollution, it could lead to heavy film on the solar panel that rain cannot rinse off, therefore, a need for proper cleaning.

If your solar panel is surrounded by trees, your panels will have a build-up of fallen leaves and bird droppings which might leave sticky residuals.

During the dry season, panels accumulate plenty of dust and need cleaning.

Having all this in mind, you can decide if you need to climb to do proper cleaning or just spray the solar panel with a hose of water.

 solar panel cleaning

If the solar panel is just covered in dust, then all that is need is just a hose of water to spray off the dust and allow the sun to dry them out which is very easy.

For more intense mess which might include sticky substances like bird droppings, cleaning can take a while.

You need a bucket of water and mild detergent. Start by rinsing the panel with a hose of spray before scrubbing the panel gently. Lastly, rinse the panel thoroughly and allow the sun to dry them.

These steps are easy and will help solar panels to last as well as work efficiently. Once more, remember to scrub gently so as not to destroy the panel.

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