Apply: UNIDO Global Call for innovative solutions in cleantech and sustainable land management

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Apply: UNIDO Global Call for innovative solutions in cleantech and sustainable land management

Emerging technologies have a significant role in climate change mitigation and adaptation.

Logically, investments in these technologies and their application in developing countries in transition will be a catalyst for the achievement of the SDGs.

To this end, the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) has launched a Global Call for Innovative Solutions in Cleantech and Sustainable Land Management.

Micro, small, medium, large companies and startups providing solutions in cleantech and sustainable land management are invited to apply.


The Global Call aims to identify and promote innovative and climate-focused solutions from the private sector to tackle the adverse effects of climate change and contribute to inclusive and sustainable economic development in the process.

The program is an initiative of the UNIDO Investment and Technology Promotion Office (ITPO) Germany in partnership with Future Cleantech Architects (FCA), a leading German Think Tank.

It also has the support of UNIDO’s Investment and Technology Promotion (ITP) Network with its nine ITPOs around the world as well as collaboration with other UN organizations.

Areas of focus

Applications and proposed solutions from the following categories will be given priority

  • Circular production and industrial processes
  • Clean and efficient energy generation and storage
  • Decarbonizing growing urban environments
  • Sustainable land management
Award details

In line with the four categories and three subcategories of the competition, a maximum of twelve winners will have a chance to present their innovative solutions to a large audience during the Global Call award ceremony.

The finalists will also benefit from ad hoc promotional and networking support provided by the organization.

The Award Ceremony will be held as a hybrid event in Remscheid, Germany, and via a live stream on 26 October 2021.

Eligibility criteria

To qualify, applicants must meet the criteria listed below:

  • Participants must fill in the online entry form. No postal submissions or e-mail will be accepted except for countries where the online submission site is blocked, a submission by e-mail to the relevant UNIDO Field Office/Investment and Technology Promotion Office (ITPO) may be accepted.
  • Only a maximum of two entries may be submitted by one participant.
  • For early-stage proposals, the applicant should submit a clear timeline of activities up to the finalization of the proposal which must be available and feasible within a time frame.
  • Individual submission should clearly state the focus area by selecting the most applicable category in the application form.
  • The description of the intervention should be written in a neutral, factual language, not in a promotional tone.
  • Regard will be given to submissions of women-led/owned businesses or companies offering products and services benefiting women and youth.
  • Close relatives of employees of UNIDO and partner organizations, who are involved in the organization of the Global Call do not qualify to enter the competition.

Applications must be received before Monday, August 2 2021 via this online form.

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