Climate-focused startups can apply for 2021 Humanitech Lab Innovation Program

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Climate-focused startups can apply for 2021 Humanitech Lab Innovation Program

Are you a climate-focused startup applying innovative technology to provide carbon-reducing solutions in your community? If yes, apply for the  2021 Humanitech lab innovation program.

Launched by the Australian Red Cross, Humanitech is a new initiative that seeks to progress humanitarian outcomes through the use of new and emerging technology such as blockchain, artificial intelligence, and robotics.

The Humanitech lab innovation program has been designed to solve the biggest problems facing humanity. As such, it aims to bring together the best minds across sectors, industries, and disciplines in order to fully realize the transformational power of technology to tackle social and humanitarian challenges.

The program is seeking to support organizations who are leveraging innovative technology to address community problems in the following focus areas:

Program offers and benefits
Stage 1: Validate(3 months)

6 x $50,000 grants to develop, test, and validate your solution.
Access to industry experts and mentors.
Build connections and networks across sectors and with the community in a supportive environment.

Stage 2: Pilot(6 months)
  • 3 x $100,000 grant to pilot your solution.
  • Access to a community of Humanitech’s partner ecosystem.
  • Access to industry experts and mentors.
Stage 3: Scale Up(On-going)
  • Access to scale-up funds for successful applicants who can demonstrate a sustainable business model.
  • Mentorship and opportunity for further investment from partners.
  • Access to multiple environments to scale.
Eligibility for participation

While startups and organizations are welcome to apply for the 2021Humanitech lab innovation program, applicants need to meet all the requirements to qualify.

  • Organizations must be registered
  • Solutions addressed must be within Humanitech’s areas of focus.
  • Solutions must impact the lives of people experiencing disadvantage/ vulnerability.
  • Solutions must demonstrate the potential for a sustainable funding model and scaled impact.
  • Solutions must leverage frontier and context-appropriate technology.

Entries close on Friday, September 10, 2021. Click here to fill the application form.

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