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Starsight Energy Nigeria gets carbon certification

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Starsight Energy Nigeria gets carbon certification

Starsight Energy has received carbon accreditation, making it the first renewable energy provider in Nigeria to do so.

The firm specializes in commercial and industrial solar electricity and is financed by Helios Investment Partners, an African-focused investment firm.

Starsight Energy provides commercial and industrial clients in Africa with clean on-grid and off-grid energy services. The Verra Verified Carbon Standards (VCS) program, a widely used voluntary greenhouse gas certification method, approved the carbon credits.

The company obtained accreditation by moving its clients’ power and cooling systems from mostly diesel to a mix of solar battery and diesel hybrid systems.

Carbon certification implies that Starsight will now generate carbon credits from CO2 emission reductions achieved in Nigeria through a combination of solar generation and energy-saving programs. As a result, Starsight Energy will be able to generate more funds by selling carbon.

Tony Carr, the CEO of Starsight Energy, commented, “Starsight’s solutions, now with over 52MW of solar across all markets, are helping drive the African Commercial and Industrial sector toward a more sustainable future.

This certification amplifies our impact on carbon reduction in Nigeria and moves the country closer to meeting its own carbon reduction goals.”

Ogbemi Ofuya, Partner at Helios Investment Partners, said that the company’s investment in Starsight Energy is in line with the company’s focus on areas that support the modern economy, such as clean energy.

He also disclosed that since the company’s establishment, the firm has assisted Starsight Energy is growing its scale and diversifying its client base.

Commending Starsight Energy, he said, “the recent accreditation is another important milestone for the company as it continues to grow, delivering significant cost savings to its customers with a positive impact on the environment and local communities.”

In order to lower their customers’ greenhouse gas emissions, Starsight Energy uses end-to-end solar solutions and replaces inefficient air conditioners.

The company discovered that it can reduce diesel consumption by up to 75%, which will have a significant impact in Nigeria, which is the world’s largest consumer of diesel for backup power generation.

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