“No more blah blah”- Youths voice out as they protest during COP26


“No more blah blah”- Youths voice out as they protest during COP26

In view of the ongoing COP26 climate summit, world leaders have been urged to take the required actions to cut carbon emissions, mobilize funding for underdeveloped nations, and improve adaptation and resilience.

However, on Friday, November 5, dubbed “Friday for the Future,” youths staged protests on the streets of Glasgow, Scotland, while the conference was in full swing to express their fears and dissatisfaction.

As the summit’s focus shifted to the detrimental effects of climate change on future generations, young activists from around the world are calling on their national leaders to act.

Swedish-born Greta Thunberg, Vanessa Nakate of Uganda, Umuhoza Grace Ineza of Rwanda, and others are among the renowned young activists participating in the demonstration. In their quest to make the world a better place for future generations, these youths believe that they are the future and that current leaders have failed them.

While expressing their worries, the youth stated that it is constantly business as usual for world leaders; all they do is discuss things in order to try and then schedule the next COP. The youths believe want world leaders to take more severe action.

Friday For Future was one of the various protests held around the world on Friday and Saturday in conjunction with the negotiations.

The youths also criticized national leaders and their delegates for making lofty promises to reduce carbon emissions through well-written regulations but never following through. This was termed “greenwashing.”

The protest drew over 100,000 young people to the streets with the message that world leaders must hurry up and finish the job, taking decisive steps to avoid catastrophic warming before their patience runs out.

The COP elicited a range of emotions among these young people, most of which are negative. Some people believe that the leaders are leaving behind a world that is on the verge of climatic disaster.

The indignation stemmed from the fact that, after 26 years, the situation has worsened, and governments are still debating how to follow through on long-term promises, such as the pledge of $100 billion in yearly climate money from 2020 to 2025.

Furthermore, since 2009, wealthy countries’ commitments to developing countries have remained unfulfilled. A colossal blunder on the part of world leaders.

Some demonstrators held posters that read “blah blah blah,” implying that all the world leaders had done is speak and come up with policies but no actions.

Furthermore, developing countries that are most vulnerable to climate change are calling for big carbon-emitting countries to raise their annual objectives to keep global temperatures below 1.5 degrees Celsius, or 2.7 degrees Fahrenheit at most.

These young protesters expressed their disappointment with the fact that their views were not heard and that they were being ignored. Hence, the call for international leaders to act so that upcoming generations can inherit a brighter future.

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