LONGi partners local NGO to electrify school in Malawi

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LONGi partners local NGO to electrify school in Malawi

Lack of access to energy is the reality of about 85% of people in Malawi. The Sub-Saharan country which has a population of 17.6 million people, still has much ground cover in terms of electrification. For the very few who are connected to grid power, supply remains largely erratic.

Even worse, schools especially in rural areas do not have access to power. With electricity access being tied around the achievement of other SDGs- especially zero poverty- lack of electricity at primary and secondary schools, therefore, becomes an obstacle towards escaping poverty, corresponding with many factors that contribute to it.

In recognition of this, LONGi Solar, a world-renowned solar technology company, has supplied the Chamalire School in Malawi with 20 solar panels capable of reaching a peak power of 7,200W.

The project was executed in partnership with Zikomo Africa, an NGO association in as part of its mission to aid development in Africa, particularly Malawi, by providing communities with infrastructure and training.

The benefitting school is located in the village of Tanga, in the Central region of Malawi, where prior to the supplied infrastructure has been without electricity. The PV station will provide both students and teachers with more hours of light, as well as allows for the installation of computers in the school’s classrooms. Even beyond the school environment, the village will be well-positioned to participate in national health campaigns and consulting activities.

Commenting on the impact of the PV station, Dennis She, Senior Vice President at LONGi Solar, said, “We are delighted to see solar PV lighting up more and more parts of Africa, with off-grid power stations offering an effective solution.”

About Zikomo Africa

Based in Malawi, the Zikomo Foundation is a not-for-profit organization that is committed to helping people to improve their own situation and escape poverty. Focusing mostly on children, Zimoko aims to promote and protect the individual potential of every child.

About LONGi Solar

Founded in 2000, LONGi Solar is a global leading solar technology organization. The China-based company is recognized as the world’s largest producer of mono silicon wafers, supplying cells to much of the solar industry. With its long-term commitment to monocrystalline technology, LONGi believes that its general adoption would bring about significant technological change for the whole PV industry.

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