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Apply! The Fetola Circular Economy Accelerator Program

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Apply! The Fetola Circular Economy Accelerator Program

Are you passionate about your business and determined to grow and thrive, while also supporting the environment? then, this is for you.

Fetola, a business growth firm, has started applications for its Circular Economy Accelerator (CEA), which seeks to give mentoring and skills development to South African entrepreneurs aiming to scale their firms in the circular economy.

Fetola’s 18-month Circular Economy Accelerator, launched in partnership with J.P. Morgan and the Embassy of Finland, is specifically designed for South African startups and women-owned firms. Entrepreneurs will gain new skills and develop their products and services during the program, allowing them to take advantage of growth prospects.

Throughout the program, they will have access to a variety of unique investment, funding, and mentoring opportunities, such as business skills development workshops, strategic planning, and gap analysis, mentoring and coaching, brand building interventions, peer-to-peer networking, access to sector-specific resources, and performance evaluation. Participants will be assigned an accountability partner and will be connected to a peer network to learn from one another.

“The circular economy has an important role to play in South Africa’s economy, and it’s essential that we ensure entrepreneurs in this sector are given the support they need to thrive. Our expertise lies in supporting entrepreneurs to build businesses that last,”

“The CEA is different from other incubators. It’s professional, personal, and practical. The program maximizes the success of your business by harnessing the experience of skill mentors and partnerships of a peer network. The program is ideal for entrepreneurs who are passionate about their business and determined to improve their success rates. It’s for businesses in the circular economy or making a positive impact on the environment by designing out waste and pollution.” said Catherine Wijnberg, CEO, Fetola.

Sectors of special interest include:

  • Circular economy
  • Water, energy, and waste
  • Manufacturing
  • Green technology
  • Food production & packaging
  • Carbon reduction
  • Waste reduction
  • Recycling


  • Technical skills and sector knowledge
  • Simple planning tools to address gaps, manage costs and eliminate waste
  • Practical sales and marketing skills and market introductions
  • Master Investment readiness support
  • Access to experienced mentors

Please note, all applications must be submitted via the online form. Applications are open until February 16, 2022.

For more information, please email Isabel du Toit at [email protected] or call 086 111 1690 or visit www.fetola.co.za

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