Women for the win as DLO Energy acquires Conco Energy Solutions

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Women for the win as DLO Energy acquires Conco Energy Solutions

Globally, the renewable energy sector is still largely male-dominated. Currently having 32% of women, the industry is seeing more and more women emerging as consumers but as leaders and influencers.

In Africa, one of such women making bold moves is Linda Mabhena-Olagunju CEO and founder of DLO Energy Group, a wholly female-owned renewable energy developer and strategic investor.

The South African company has recently acquired energy equipment and solutions provider Conco Energy Solutions.

With this acquisition, Conco Energy Solutions will get its name changed to DLO Energy Solutions, becoming a Level 1 broad-based black economic empowerment contributor, that is not only black-owned but 51% black female-owned.

According to Mabhena-Olagunju, this latest move is a major victory for women’s participation in the male-dominated South Africa power sector.

Per the statement released, the collaboration with the engineering and technical team led by Johnny Dladla, CEO of Conco Group, made the Conco Energy Solutions acquisition possible.

Hence, DLO Energy Solutions will maintain the core critical skills of Conco Energy Solutions, allowing it to continue providing its clients the same level of service previously received from the Conco Energy Solutions team and management.

The acquisition has also saved several jobs and retained the critical skills required in the industry to build the country’s energy infrastructure and support the current energy investment programs.

Commenting on what the acquisition means for South Africa, Dladla said, “The country requires the inclusion of competent skilled people in key technical roles, meaningfully focusing on the promotion of women and youth in the energy development opportunities.”

Adding that Mabhena-Olagunju’s professional record “brings entrepreneurial and commercial acumen to the acquisition”.

Expressing the significance of this move on female representation in the industry, Mabhena-Olagunju said, “The importance of this acquisition for us as DLO Energy Solutions is that it will finally lead to meaningful participation of black women in the energy sector, not just through shareholding but through the day-to-day involvement in the operations.”

She added that DLO Energy Solutions employs a strategic approach being a company that manufactures locally, thus adding locally-manufactured components to South Africa’s energy value chain which is so heavily reliant on international imports.

Featured Image:  Linda Mabhena-Olagunju CEO and founder of DLO Energy Group

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