The chronicles of COP28: A brief guide to key themes and topics in the next 11 days

COP28/climate crisis

The chronicles of COP28: A brief guide to key themes and topics in the next 11 days


December 1st, 2023: World Climate Action Summit


The second day at COP28 marks the beginning of a two-day World Climate Action Summit, bringing together heads of state, world leaders, civil society, business, youth, Indigenous Peoples’ organizations, and more. The summit aims to address pressing climate issues and set the ambition for the rest of COP. During this Summit, the first-ever Global Stocktake (GST) response will be presented, seeking commitments and accountability from global leaders.


Day 2 Highlights so far:

  • UAE President Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed commits $30 billion for climate solutions.
  • World leaders, including Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman and German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, address the summit.
  • Nigeria’s President Bola Tinubu and Kenya’s President William Ruto share Africa’s priorities and perspectives.


December 3rd, 2023: Health/Relief, Recovery, and Peace Day


Dedicated to discussing the impact of climate change on human health, air and water quality, and its role in displacement and global fragility. The day focuses on relief efforts, resilience building, and fostering stability in affected regions.


December 4th, 2023: Finance/Trade/Gender Equality/Accountability Day


Critical discussions on climate finance, trade, and gender equality. Emphasis will be on the challenges of unsustainable finances hindering climate action. One of Nigeria’s delegate priorities at COP28 is to galvanise sustainable finances that will help the country achieve its ambitious Energy Transition plans and 2060 Net-Zero targets.


December 5th, 2023: Energy/Industry/Fair Transition/Indigenous Peoples


Focus on rapid decarbonization, sustainable development, and inclusivity. On this day, experts at the summit will look at the broad spectrum of solutions which include renewable energy deployment, industry decarbonization, and recognizing the role of Indigenous Peoples in climate action.


December 6th, 2023: Multilevel Action, Urbanisation, Built Environment, Transport Day


Collaboration among mayors, governors, ministers, business leaders, and civil society to accelerate climate action. Topics which include green urban mobility, low-carbon built environments, and waste reduction will be discussed.


December 7th, 2023: Day of Rest


A break for reflection


December 8th,2023: Youth, Children, Education, and Skills Day


The day seeks to advance conversations on how to empower children and youth to shape the outcomes of COP28 and beyond and provide them with clear, defined, and accessible opportunities to be a leading part of the solutions proposed at every level.  There is a designated Pavilion for children and youth at COP28. The Pavilion is run and managed by young climate advocates and activists. They organise several side events and host experts to share tips on how young people can help accelerate climate actions all over the world without leaving anyone behind.


December 9th, 2023: Nature, Land Use, and Oceans


This day will focus on integrated approaches to climate and nature co-benefits. Emphasis will be on designing land use and ocean conservation strategies with local and Indigenous Peoples to protect and manage biodiversity hotspots and natural carbon sinks.


December 10th, 2023: Food, Agriculture, and Water Day


One of the major sectors badly impacted by the climate crisis is the agriculture sector, globally. This has strained food systems, especially in the climate-vulnerable continent like Africa. Discussions on addressing climate impacts on agriculture, food systems, and water resources will be made, and emphasis will be on regenerative agriculture and water-food systems governance.


December 11th and 12th, 2023: Final Negotiation Day


On the final two days of COP28, there will be no thematic days to avoid extensive programming while the negotiated text is being finalised.


Stay tuned for comprehensive coverage as COP28 unfolds its crucial discussions and decisions!

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