Climate Action Africa and Mountain Hub Announce the Green Hackathon in Bamenda

Climate Action Africa

Climate Action Africa and Mountain Hub Announce the Green Hackathon in Bamenda

Bamenda, January 10th, 2024 – Climate Action Africa, in partnership with Mountain Hub, is excited to announce the Green Hackathon, scheduled to take place in Bamenda from January 28th to 30th, 2024. This 48-hour hackathon is themed “Developing Solutions for Sustainable Agriculture and Food Security” and invites young innovators to participate in this groundbreaking event. 


The Green Hackathon aims to harness the power of technology to address critical climate challenges such as food waste and water conservation, crucial for sustainable agriculture and food security. Participants will have the opportunity to work in teams, developing either an app, a hardware solution, or other tech-driven prototypes that offer practical solutions to these pressing issues. 


Climate Action Africa is committed to providing technical support throughout the event, ensuring that the innovative solutions developed are not only viable but also sustainable. The organization’s objective is to position the region as a major food hub for West and Central Africa, leveraging this partnership with Mountain Hub to foster technological advancements in the agriculture sector of Bamenda, Cameroon. 


The hackathon represents more than just a competition; it is a platform for learning, networking, and contributing to a global movement for sustainable agricultural and food systems. Participants will have the chance to demonstrate their inventions to a panel of judges and compete for prizes and recognition at the event’s closing ceremony. Win or lose, all participants will gain valuable experience, build industry contacts, and contribute to the advancement of sustainability. 


This event is not just a competition but a call to action for anyone passionate about making a real difference. It is an opportunity to learn from experts, connect with like-minded peers, and potentially win significant rewards at the Cameroon International Tech Summit (CITS) National Hackathon Competition. 


Green Hackathon, hosted by City Hack, stands out as a unique event that promotes innovation, problem-solving, teamwork, and creativity, all while focusing on critical urban issues. It is an opportunity for developers, designers, entrepreneurs, and professionals passionate about urban life and city strengthening to come together. 


Don’t miss out on this chance to be a part of a movement that could shape the future. Register now and be part of the solution. 


To register for the Green Hackathon, please [click here to register]. 


About Climate Action Africa: Climate Action Africa is dedicated to fostering sustainable solutions to environmental challenges. With a focus on practical, impactful actions, the organization aims to lead the region towards a greener, more sustainable future. 


About Mountain Hub: Mountain Hub is a leading organization committed to promoting technological innovations that address environmental and urban challenges, contributing to the development of sustainable communities. 

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