Christmas holiday: 5 ways you can reduce waste during the celebration

Christmas holiday

Christmas holiday: 5 ways you can reduce waste during the celebration

The Christmas holiday has returned, and the sounds of joy are in the air. As the happy season of Christmas comes, so does a sense of giving, camaraderie, and celebration, not to mention plenty of food. However, during the holiday enjoyment and celebration, it’s critical to keep the environmental impact of the Christmas holiday in mind.


Due to present wrapping, decorations, and lavish feasts, Christmas often increases trash. With increased worries about climate change and environmental sustainability, we urgently need to implement behaviors that reduce our ecological impact over the Christmas holiday season.  


Only 55% of Africa’s 125 million tons of municipal solid waste (MSW) is collected per year. In Sub-Saharan Africa, this figure drops to 44%. Small and big dumping sites are frequent near habitations across the African continent. Over 90% of the waste generated ends up in open dumpsites and unmanaged landfills, and this region is home to 19 of the world’s 50 largest dumping sites. This number is likely to rise throughout the Christmas holiday as a result of the festivities. 


Population growth is one of the key causes of waste production, but with the Christmas holiday approaching, waste generation is expected to quadruple. We may, however, turn our Christmas holiday celebrations into an opportunity to promote not just joy, but also awareness about the importance of environmental stewardship by making mindful decisions and embracing a more sustainable approach. 


Here are 5 ways to reduce waste during the Christmas holiday celebration 


We’re all aware that shopping is more intense during the Christmas holiday season. You get to shop for the entire family, including additional food and clothing for guests and extended family members. We’re not blaming you, but the plastic shopping bags you bring home from the store are a major source of garbage. Consider using reusable bags instead of buying new ones every time you go shopping. 


Many people admit to purchasing more than they require during the Christmas holiday out of fear of running out of food and then not knowing what to do with the excess. These leftovers are thrown away. Consider contributing to charities, and sharing with people in your community who cannot buy food; this way, you can put a smile on people’s faces while also conserving the environment. 


The Christmas holiday season is also a time when individuals receive gifts and loved ones give us gifts. These gift wrappers are discarded, but you can try wrapping your gifts with reusable things such as dishtowels, scarves, snack bags, and even socks. 


Hosting friends and family is another perk of the Christmas holiday season, so many people buy single-use plastic plates and glasses. These items contribute significantly to landfills. Consider renting plates and cups. This may appear to be a source of worry, yet washing the dishes saves the earth. 


Don’t overlook the big box of lights you can reuse while thinking about the ideal Christmas holiday decoration. There is no reason for them to wind up in the trash when they may be recycled. 


Let us unwrap a commitment to continue these sustainable behaviors in the coming years as we unwrap the memories of this Christmas holiday season. We hope you’ve learned some valuable methods for reducing your Christmas waste this year. We are all becoming more conscious of our environmental influence on the earth, and by making small efforts, we can make a great difference. 

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