Celebrating 2021 World Cleanup Day

world cleanup day

Celebrating 2021 World Cleanup Day

It is another time in the year to clean and educate the public on the need to keep and maintain a clean environment. On this day, people all over the world, volunteers and partners alike come together to clean up the planet, ridding it of trash and wastes from the beach, forest, streets and rivers.

This World Cleanup Day is a yearly event that is commemorated globally, cutting across borders, religion and cultural differences. So there is no excuse for lack of participation. Last year, despite the Covid-19 restrictions, people still took part in the action to clean up the planet.

The World Ceanup Day brings together people from all walks of life, businesses and government bodies to a particular goal. In 2018, there were about 17.6 million participants and in 2019, 21.2 million joined in, making it the biggest waste collection day in history. What then are you waiting for?

Did you know that 70 percent of the oxygen in the air is produced in the ocean?
Yet, each year, 8 million tons of plastic waste ends up in the ocean polluting the waters. Now is the time to join millions of people across 180 countries to participate in this year’s World Cleanup Day.

Want to join?

It is easy because it is a worldwide event. Volunteers can check maps for different events close to them and take part.

What if there’s no event around me?

If there are no events around, take up the call and create awareness about the World Cleanup Day on your social media, putting the proper hashtags.

If that seems too passive, consider starting an individual clean with family members, starting from your street. Don’t be surprised to see other individuals joining you.

Also, you can do proper planning by registering as an organiser for the cleanup event. You could invite volunteers to your event and place your location on the map with links to share on social media.

When this is done, you can be provided with knowledgeable materials on how to go about with the cleanup event and marketing materials to help promote the event.

Why should I join though?

We all dwell in the same home called the planet earth. If the planet is no longer safe, we will all suffer the negative impacts. A dirty and polluted planet is a risk to human and wildlife health, hence the need to clean up.
Also, the most important places that affect human health can be kept clean during this cleanup event, like the beaches, the rivers, forests and cities. If these places are kept clean, health problems can be managed and wildlife can be kept safe. We can also avoid environmental pollution.

Because there is need for posterity, those joining the cleanup event will give the next generation the ability to continue in the preservation of the environment.

Cleaning alone can be stressful and be seen as a lot of work but when cleaning with many people, it could be fun and not not as stressful.

You get to be a part of worldwide collective action you can be proud of and talk about.

The environment needs our help to stay clean. As much as waste collectors are doing, it is never enough. So have you cleaned today?

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