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Beginner’s guide to solar panel installation

solar panel installation

Beginner’s guide to solar panel installation

Every solar system has different functioning parts that include solar panels, a mounting system, and a solar inverter with a computerized controller. All these work together when a solar panel is installed.

Solar panel installation requires a thorough safety procedure as it is usually done on the rooftops. To start with, one needs to think about the safest ways to get panels to the roof.

Many have argued that solar panels can be installed without the help of experts especially for homes with the help of do-it-yourself video clips and books on solar panel installation. On the other hand, some people view the task as technical and best left in the hands of specialists and installation experts.

Solar panel installation can be done without employing a technician only and only if it is for home installation. However, comprehensive installation for large companies or businesses that make use of more solar panels to power heavy appliances cannot be done by an unskilled individual.

Before you take on the journey of solar panel installation as a novice, consider the following:

  •  The size of the panel
  • The amount of energy you need for your home and the appliances you intend to connect to your solar
  • Note also that the intensity of sunshine in your locality will determine the number of panels you need to generate the amount of electricity needed. If the amount of sunlight from your location is not sufficient, then you need to install more panels to generate a good amount of energy.
  • You need to equally consider the physical size of your building; this will help to determine how many panels you require. If it’s a big residence,  the roof may be large enough to accommodate many panels. Conversely, if the house is small, solar panels can be installed on a small portion of land close to the house.
  • An important part of the installation process is getting all the needed tools.

Having considered all these, you can install solar panels without little or no professional skill.

How to install solar panels

It is important to note that while residential solar panel installation may be done with little knowledge, medium to large-scale solar projects cannot be done by amateurs or inexperienced homeowners.

For a simple solar panel installation, here are the steps:

Step 1. Find a good location

Find a suitable location around the house or the rooftop, a place the solar can get consistent sunlight. The pitch and direction of the rooftop affect the efficiency of the solar panels therefore, take note of this pitch and direction of the sun so the panels can get more sun all day.

Step 2. Build a platform

The next step is building your platform, the mount where the panels will be kept and this platform should be built according to the size of the solar panels and should be titled facing the sun. the mount has to be strong enough to carry the panels.

Step 3. Install the panel

When the mount is ready, install your panels to it and make sure the bolts and nuts are tight enough so the panels can withstand the storm. Safety precaution is needed here to avoid accidents or damage to the panels especially if it is a rooftop installation.

Step 4. Connect the wires

Once the panels are mounted, you install the electrical wiring making sure the cables are well insulated to avoid power leakage or electrical accidents. Connect the exterior wire with that of the interior.

This connection is to allow the energy to flow from the disconnect to a charge controller and the backup battery storage. This part of the installation is very crucial.

Step 5. Test run

After connecting to the electrical components, go through the installation process properly and then proceed to test run and make sure everything is working fine.

Solar panel installation is complete but it should be noted that larger size solar panels require the skill of a professional electrician and should not be done by an unskilled person.

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