Young nature conservationists to apply for the Future For Nature Award 2022 (€50,000 prize)

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Young nature conservationists to apply for the Future For Nature Award 2022 (€50,000 prize)

Climate change and biodiversity loss are the two greatest environmental challenges of our modern world. As a result, the idea of securing at least half of the Earth for nature conservation gaining support.

Apart from enriching our planet, the conservation of nature makes for a healthy and functional ecosystem.

In line with this, young nature conservationists committed to protecting species of wild animals and plants are invited to apply for the prestigious 2022 Future For Nature Award.

About the award

The competition is an annual program launched by the Future For Nature Foundation, an organization that aims to protect threatened animals and plant species by supporting young, talented, and ambitious conservationists.

The Future For Nature Award is designed to supports young, talented and ambitious conservationists whose innovative and sustainable solutions inspire and mobilize communities, organizations, governments, investors, and the public at large.

Applications are free and open to participants across the globe.


Every year, three young, talented, and ambitious nature conservationists are selected as the Future For Nature Award winners.

In addition to €50,000 to drive their nature conservation work, the winners will receive international recognition; networking opportunities; and access to the global FFN Family.

Who can apply

If this competition interests you, consider the following criteria to know if you stand a chance to qualify. You must

  • Be between the ages of 18 and 35
  • Be an innovative leader and entrepreneur, with a clear focus on conservation work.
  • Have contributed substantially to the conservation status of one or more animal or plant species.
  • Have shown commitment, determination, and passion for conservation work.
  • Be willing to continue your conservation work, as the Award aims to stimulate the winner’s future work. It is not an “end of career” prize.
  • Have proficiency in spoken and written English in order to explain your conservation work

Note that the award must be used in implementing the winner’s initiative towards the conservation of animal or plant species. The relevance of the proposed activities to species conservation and the practical impact should be made clear.

From a pool of applications submitted, 6 to 10 nominees will be selected. These applicants will be asked to provide additional information such as personal information, photos, and video which will be used to select the final three Award.


Entries close on Wednesday, September 1, 2021. Click here to register for the Future For Nature Award contest.

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