Alstom Foundation call for projects on environmental protection

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Alstom Foundation call for projects on environmental protection

The Alstom Foundation is calling for projects that are designed to enhance environmental awareness, protect natural habitats and build resilience to natural disasters. This is in line with Alstom’s commitment to protecting the environment.

The projects are to be conceived, presented, and supported by Alstom employees who will team up with expert partners and look to the Alstom Foundation to make a positive impact on the local environment.

The projects must be developed in close cooperation with local or global NGOs with a proven ability to implement the projects on the ground.

Selection criteria

Each submitted project must:

  • Align with one or more of the Foundation’s key axes
  • Be beneficial to the general interest
  • Be located in a country in which Alstom is represented
  • Be measurable in terms of its outcome and impact on the communities concerned
  • Be realistic and feasible within the budget and deadlines
  • Involve local stakeholders and local team/management
  • Be implemented by a fully competent partner organization
  • Be in line with Alstom Foundation’s Ethics Charter

Role of the Alstom Promoter

All projects must be submitted by an NGO together with an Alstom employee acting in the role of the Project Promoter.

The Promoter will work with the NGO to prepare the project file and will validate the file prior to its submission. If the project is selected, the Promoter will assist the Secretariat in monitoring its implementation.

Each Alstom employee is allowed to support one project submission only per year.

If you have a good project to submit but don’t know anyone from Alstom, the Secretariat of the Alstom Foundation may be able to help you identify someone willing to Play the promoter role in support of your project. But finding such a Promoter takes time.

Accordingly, the deadline for receipt by the Secretariat of requests to find an Alstom Promoter is fixed at 15 April 2022. No such requests will be considered after this date.

Furthermore, the Secretariat does not guarantee to find a Promoter for each submission. Promoters are volunteers who will only step forward if a project concept interests them.

Project submission

Before creating your submission, please note:

  • You will be guided to formulate your project through several preformatted forms to help optimize your submission.
  • Each form contains a help function to assist you with the description of your project.
  • You can save your project as a draft and continue your submission at a later stage.

Please review your project carefully before submitting – once your project is submitted the selection process is automatically initiated. Click here to submit your project.

Should you have any questions or difficulties in completing the forms please contact the Alstom Foundation: [email protected].

How to submit

The 2022 cycle started on 14 February and the online submission tool was opened on that day. The deadline for submissions is 13 May.

About Alstom

Established in November 2007, the Alstom Foundation supports and funds projects which serve to improve living conditions in, and economic prospects of, communities located near Alstom’s facilities and sites around the world.

Alstom is a signatory of the United Nations Global Compact and commits to the environment, human rights, labor rights, and anti-corruption to ensure its activities benefit economies and societies everywhere.

The Alstom Foundation focuses on 4 key areas:

  • Environmental protection
  • Economic and social development
  • Access to mobility
  • Access to energy and water

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