Climate Action Africa Pilots Faith for Climate Action with Our Lady Queen of Nigeria Catholic Church

Faith for Climate Action (F4CA)

Climate Action Africa Pilots Faith for Climate Action with Our Lady Queen of Nigeria Catholic Church

Climate Action Africa and Our Lady Queen of Nigeria Catholic Church, Clegg, have embarked on an extraordinary journey to instill environmental stewardship in the hearts of young minds through the Faith for Climate Action (F4CA) a program by Climate Action Africa. The inaugural project, themed “Integrating Religion and AI for Climate Action,” kicked off on August 26, 2023, at the church premises and is set to unfold over the next twelve (12) weeks.


The project’s primary objective is to introduce children aged 7 to 12 to the dynamic realm of artificial intelligence (AI) and its profound capacity to communicate compelling narratives that ignite a passion for environmental responsibility. This unique curriculum melds faith-based teachings with innovative technological advancements, offering a comprehensive approach to climate action education.


F4CA kids learning in progress

F4CA kids learning in progress


The project, hosted at Our Lady Queen of Nigeria Catholic Church in Lagos, was a resounding success. Over ninety (90) children were immersed in an educational journey that began with the concept of climate change in an accessible and relatable manner. The session’s scholarly approach fostered an understanding of climate change’s causes, effects, and relevance to their lives and communities. This educational foundation served as a stepping stone for the creative activities that followed.


With an introduction to AI, the children embarked on a journey of discovery into the world of artificial intelligence. They learned about AI’s capabilities, its ethical implications, and its potential as a tool to inspire change. Equipped with AI resources provided by Climate Action Africa, the young participants dabbled in generating prompts and characters, thereby gaining hands-on experience in harnessing AI’s potential.


The pinnacle of the day was the children’s collaboration to create short animations highlighting the impact of climate change on communities. This artistic endeavor merged their newfound knowledge of climate change with their creative abilities, highlighting the potential of AI to facilitate meaningful storytelling.


“Our vision for the Faith for Climate Action program is to empower the next generation with the knowledge and passion to address the urgent environmental challenges we face. Climate Action Africa aims to achieve this by fusing technology with faith-based teachings to cultivate a deep sense of responsibility in these young minds,” said Alice Eze, Chief Operating Officer of Climate Action Africa, who passionately facilitated one of the engaging sessions.


Rev. Fr. Simeon Irabor, Parish Priest of Our Lady Queen of Nigeria Catholic Church, shared his thoughts on the initiative, stating, “The integration of faith and technological innovation represents a unique approach to tackling the environmental crisis. Our collaboration with Climate Action Africa underscores the importance of unity in safeguarding our planet for future generations.”


Excited F4CA kids


One of the participating children, Loretta Amaefuna, expressed her excitement about the program’s impact. “I have learned that climate change is bad for my community and that I have the power to make things right. The animations we created showed me that we can make a difference even as kids.”


Preliminary findings from the assessment conducted to ascertain project impact on participants indicate that about 85% of them now grasp the fundamentals of climate change, while 70% have exhibited increased enthusiasm for environmentally conscious activities. These figures underscore the promising potential of the F4CA program to ignite a passion for climate action within the hearts of the youth.


As the project unfolds over the next eleven weeks, the young participants will delve deeper into AI tools, cultivating a more profound understanding of climate action. Collaborative projects, discussions, eco-friendly initiatives, and the creation of faith-inspired animations are all in store, aimed at fostering a holistic perspective on safeguarding the environment.


Climate Action Africa and Our Lady Queen of Nigeria Catholic Church are united in their commitment to nurturing a generation that is both environmentally conscious and technologically adept. With faith as their foundation, these young individuals are poised to become ambassadors for a sustainable

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