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Third day of Christmas: 6 eco-friendly Christmas gift ideas for your loved ones

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Third day of Christmas: 6 eco-friendly Christmas gift ideas for your loved ones

Oh, the joy of giving!

There’s this feeling of fulfillment that comes with giving, and doing that in a season that is all about spreading love and joy, further adds to the fulfilling experience.

However, in giving, we must be mindful of the environment and ensure we are always on our best eco-friendly practices.

The good thing is that companies and brands are prioritizing sustainability and as such, it has become easier to find products that are beneficial to your loved ones and the environment.

So, do away with those unsustainable gifts and say hello to our third Christmas gift to you on our 12 Days of Christmas Special series which is a list of eco-friendly Christmas gift ideas for you to choose from. Do enjoy.

Organic wear

If you’re thinking of a sustainable and eco-friendly Christmas gift, you should consider organic wear made with organic fibers because they are made with your comfort and the environment in mind.

A brand like Origin uses high-quality, carefully sourced, planet-friendly materials in manufacturing clothing items.
So, make your loved ones look stylish by gifting them organic wear from the local shop around you.

Subscription to eco-conscious platforms

There are platforms that are dedicated to sharing stories, solutions, and innovations on climate change.

If you want your loved ones to be up-to-date eco-wise or they’re already advocates of sustainability and you want to gift them something they’d cherish, you can subscribe to these platforms, for a fee, and voilà, they’re in on all of the happenings in the climate space.

For example, Climateaction.africa sends out newsletters with great climate content. From issues, news, solutions, innovations, and opportunities. You name it.

So, ensure you get them that eco-friendly Christmas gift by subscribing.

Eco-friendly wine

Yes, wine is an eco-friendly Christmas gift too.

For eco-friendly wine lovers, this festive season goes perfectly with wine. Plus, almost everyone loves good wine.

There are wines like OBiKWA wine that are environmentally friendly due to eco-friendly practices in their production. In addition, you’ll be producing less waste and carbon emissions.

Books on sustainability and the climate

We all need resources to keep us informed about climate change and how to live sustainably. There are books that serve as guides to sustainable living, some highlight climate change issues in communities, others aim at mentoring people who want to advocate eco-friendly practices. Whichever it is, you can find the one that fits into the sustainability agenda.

So, you can gift your loved ones any of the books that you’re sure will help them become green-minded.

Wooden calendars

Christmas signals the end of the year which means you have to get another calendar for the coming year.

Calendars that are made from 100% wood are also good if you’re going for thoughtfulness and sustainability. The great part is that they can be used over and over again, which means less waste.

They are the perfect alternative to traditional paper calendars which you either have to recycle or discard at the end of their lifecycle.

This eco-friendly Christmas gift is sure to give you that great feeling that you are contributing towards your goal of being more environmentally friendly and taking your loved ones along the journey.

Recycled jewelry

One thing about jewelry is that it brings that sparkle to any look. If you’re looking to gift your loved one something that they would cherish and remember you by, you should consider recycled jewelry. Necklaces, pendants, bracelets, earrings, etc.

A brand like Novica makes and sells recycled jewelry crafted by artisans who carry on ancestral traditions in contemporary designs.

They are eco-friendly and you can rest assured that your loved ones will love them.

And so, our third day of Christmas ends. Join us tomorrow as we will be sharing low-carbon food and recipes for you to try out this season.

Don’t forget to share our eco-friendly Christmas gift ideas. Happy holiday!

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