#SolutionMonday: 5 tips to shop smarter and curate an eco-friendly closet

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#SolutionMonday: 5 tips to shop smarter and curate an eco-friendly closet

Hello, readers.

Welcome to #SolutionMonday on CleanbuildVoices!

In today’s edition, we’ll explore ways that you can be fashionable while maintaining a sustainable and eco-friendly closet.

Did you know that the garment industry is one of the largest carbon polluters on our planet and one of the greatest producers of waste? Yes, the fashion industry is responsible for more than 10% of global pollution.

No doubt, every lady wants to slay in cutely put-together outfits. And interestingly, social media has become a virtual runway where trendy people strut their stuff. Many ladies and guys have built up quite a number of followership on social media even earning some the title of an influencer.

Well, influencers or not, everyone is responsible for ensuring a sustainable and pollution-free environment. Consider some ways you can create an eco-friendly closet.

Change your mindset: In the quest to keep up the appearance, many have adopted the unspoken rule of never wearing the same clothes twice.

This might be a fad, however, tossing away our clothing like single-use plastics or garbage is no good for our environment. It is good to think about the sweat of dozens of people that must have gone into the creation of a single item of clothing.

Educate yourself: Having had a change of mindset, you need to educate yourself on how to make your closet as sustainable as possible. Buy with the idea that what you purchase should stay with you till the end of its lifecycle.

Understand that excess clothing will end up in landfills because the technological solutions just really aren’t at scale yet to do something different with them.

Spice up your wardrobe: Perhaps you’re tired of wearing the same old clothes, flip your clothing and accessories to create attractive outfits. A snip here and a tuck there can transform boring clothes into sensational wear.

Dispose of your clothes responsibly: Rather than stockpile your old clothes, donate to those who have need of them. Sell fairly old or new clothes to online stores; and if the clothes are nearing their end-of-life, you could recycle them into reusable household materials like rags, washcloths, etc.

Shop for secondhand clothes: If you don’t have the means to purchase brand new clothes, patronize thrift stores. You don’t have to feel embarrassed to buy second-hand outfits. The chicness of your look is in how you wear your clothes, not the price!

We’ll be back for our special next week. Until then, watch this space.

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