3 reasons why you should celebrate a green Christmas

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3 reasons why you should celebrate a green Christmas

It’s almost Christmas. A time when people all over the world celebrate the birth of Christ and seize the opportunity to connect with friends and family. It’s simply a time to feast and make merry.


However, having a sustainable and green Christmas celebration can be quite a challenge considering the fact that most people go overboard during such festivities, paying no mind to the environmental implications of what they eat and the activities they engage in.


Bearing in mind that we are in the middle of a climate crisis and world leaders are discussing ways to tackle the climate crisis, there are still many things we can do, individually, to take climate action.


Below is a list we have compiled of reasons why you should prioritize a green Christmas.


Food waste


Food waste is a major contributor to the climate crisis that the world is experiencing. During Christmas, tons of food leftovers are generated and only a little fraction of the leftovers get composted.


The greater part of the waste ends up in landfills and creates methane which is an extremely potent greenhouse gas that is worse than carbon dioxide.


So, you have to have it at the back of your mind that the elaborate meal, if not properly managed, causes more harm to the climate. If your pets can’t finish up the leftovers, you can always compost them.




If there is one thing Christmas unleashes, it is the gluttonous side of many people. You are very likely to overeat because you’ve made so much food.


Even when you go visiting friends and families, you can’t say “No” because that would be just rude, wouldn’t it?Well, you should prioritize your health before, during, and after Christmas.


You can start by having a conversation with your family on health and genetic conditions as this will make you more mindful of what to eat and what you plan to prepare for the family during Christmas and beyond.


As your very first green Christmas, you can try out healthy, sustainable, and delicious recipes during this period.


Meat production 


We don’t know if you already know this but one sure and simple way to mitigate the rapidly increasing effects of climate change is consuming more plant-based food.


This is because livestock production emits more greenhouse gases than all transportation emissions in the world combined. So, plants to the rescue.


We, therefore, advise that you consider opting for plant-based meals during the Christmas celebrations.


Have a Greentastic Christmas celebration!

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