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Nigeria @ 61: Contributing towards a greener and sustainable country


Nigeria @ 61: Contributing towards a greener and sustainable country

Today, the Federal Republic of Nigeria celebrates its 61 years of independence. In this spirit of celebration, Cleanbuild.Africa is urging all Nigerians to contribute towards a greener and more sustainable Nigeria.

While Nigeria marks its special day today, we need to remember that the reality of environmental and climate change is upon us; and as such, cannot be ignored especially on a day like this.

Many countries and people are attempting to modify their attitudes toward the environment, with the exception of those who maintain that climate change is not real. For us here in Nigeria, we must adapt as well, both for the safety of our country and its future as well as for global sustainability.

As a result of the climate-related disasters, there is an increasing population migration to urban areas occurs, resulting in even greater environmental problems. Air pollution, water pollution, lack of solid waste management, urban poverty, and flooding are all on the rise especially in Nigeria’s urban areas, putting the environment and the inhabitants at risk.

Greener Nigeria: Arise O Compatriots

As much as steps have been taken towards a greener Nigeria, there is still more to do to reduce the effects of climate change and environmental degradation and by extension, associated risks to human health.

Save resources: When brushing your teeth, turn off the water. Fresh water in Nigeria is depleting at an alarming rate, and getting it to your tap takes a lot of resources, particularly energy. As a result, we need to work collectively to reduce the number of resources that are wasted.

Practice recycling: Many things can be recycled or reused. Every Nigerian should practice recycling and/or use products till they expire. Use your imagination to upcycle things and items. A decorative piece in your living area could be an antique wine bottle. Before you throw it away, consider what else you could do with it.

Also, reuse the plastic bags you’ve collected on purpose. Buy reusable shopping bags and take them along with you when you go shopping. If you’re provided plastic bags, ” jump and pass”. Forget about pure water and bottled water and bring along a reusable water bottle. Plastic takes between 500 and 1000 years to degrade. They also end up in our waterways, posing harm to aquatic life.

Maintain proper waste disposal: If at all you can’t find any use for your waste because you are in transit or walking along the road, keep it until you can find a proper trash bin.

For people to comply, this may require that the attention of government agencies like War Against Indiscipline especially as Nigerians find it normal to throw things out of the window without a second thought. The biscuit wrap, plastic, and other items that are thrown out of the car window are contributing to the flood as the drainage is blocked.

To achieve a greener Nigeria, every Nigerian needs to understand the environmental implication of waste mismanagement and stop littering their environment. You will gradually become accustomed to properly disposing of your waste if you learn to hold on to it. The burning of trash is part of environmental pollution. Do not burn garbage or pour it out when it rains as they end up in the drainage causing more harm.

Participate during cleanup days: Some parts of Nigeria have a day when people can clean their environments, it is an opportunity to participate in keeping the environment clean instead of merely relaxing at home or playing football on the streets, clean your environment on sanitation days.

A greener Nigeria is very possible and can be achieved if collective actions are taken.
Happy independence day to all Nigerians and we wish everyone a greener and sustainable future ahead.

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