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Day: June 17, 2022

Erongo - climateaction
Saving the Planet

Surviving drought: Namibia’s Erongo Desalination Plant to convert seawater to freshwater

Namibia, with a population of over 2.58 million, is grappling with a national water crisis due to severe droughts. In the 2018/19 rainy season, the country only received about 50% or less of average seasonal rainfall (one of the driest since 1981) thereby posing serious constraints to its economic, environmental,

climate change - climateaction
News Saving the Planet

Green transition and climate change resilience top the list as UN High Level Champion for COP26 visits Nigeria

The United Nations High Level Champion for COP26, Nigel Topping, was in Nigeria on June 14, 2022, on a 3-day visit to engage with stakeholders in Abuja and Lagos on the implementation of national climate change plans (including the Nationally Determined Contributions, Energy transition Plan and Climate Change Act) and

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