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Month: September 2023

air polluted cities in Africa
Carbon Saving the Planet

10 most air polluted cities in Africa

Uncovering air polluted cities in Africa conveys a captivating but alarming tale of the environmental problems the continent is facing. In numerous African cities, air pollution has risen to hazardous levels because of a variety of reasons, such as industrialization, urbanization, traffic, and energy production. These urban centers, which were

living conditions in Somalia
Advocacy Saving the Planet

Top 10 facts about living conditions in Somalia

The living conditions in Somalia portray a complicated picture of a country characterized by resiliency, complexity, and persistent difficulties. Somalia, which is located in the Horn of Africa, has seen years of violence, political unrest, and natural disasters that have significantly impacted the well-being of its citizens. The nation is

natural disasters
Saving the Planet

5 natural disasters that beg for climate action in Somalia

Every country is susceptible to natural disasters, but Somalia seems to suffer disproportionately despite making relatively little of a contribution to global warming which can worsen the impacts.     Nature frequently demonstrates its might amid the rich fabric of Somalia's landscapes, from its dry hinterlands to its coastal plains, with

plastic bricks
Recycling Saving the Planet

Can plastic bricks pave a road out of Kenya’s plastic waste problem?

Plastic bricks - two words that may seem unrelated at first glance but contain a remarkable story of innovation and environmental sustainability. The development of plastic bricks as a solution is a ground-breaking move toward changing Kenya's relationship with one of the most pervasive and problematic materials of its day as

Saving the Planet

ClimateActionAfrica proudly presents. “Climate Stories for Kids”

https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=n5D3Ci5j8CcClimateActionAfrica proudly presents. "Climate Stories for Kids" 🌟, a captivating series designed to educate and inspire our young ones about the importance of climate change through engaging storytelling. 🌞✨ Encourage your kids to Join us on YouTube to watch the very first episode and embark on a journey of learning

The Africa Climate Summit
Saving the Planet

The Africa Climate Summit and fossil fuel commitments

The Africa Climate Summit presented a chance for African countries to reconsider their dependency on fossil fuels, look for greener, more sustainable alternatives, and chart a course for a low-carbon future at the Africa Climate Summit. Africa is struggling to balance its energy needs with the desire to cut greenhouse gas emissions.

livestock/climate change
Saving the Planet

 Climate change and livestock in Africa: A race against time

  Livestock are deeply woven into the fabric of Africa's social, cultural, and economic life. Imagine Africa without its distinctive humped cattle grazing on the vast savannahs, the leisurely journeys of camel caravans in the northern deserts, the lively chorus of pigs during mealtime on rural farms, or the robust

hydroponic farming in Nigeria
Saving the Planet

The potentials of hydroponic farming in Nigeria: Revolutionizing the agricultural system

Hydroponic farming in Nigeria is a radical departure from traditional agriculture and has the potential to completely revolutionize the country's food production system. Hydroponics emerges as a beacon of innovation in a nation known for its rich agricultural history and the difficulties that go along with it. It's offering a transformative method

climate stories 4 kids/climate action africa

Climate Action Africa launches Climate Stories 4 Kids animation series to educate and inspire young Africans

  Climate Action Africa is excited to announce the launch of Climate Stories 4 Kids, an innovative audio-visual series designed to educate adolescents and young adults across Africa about the profound impacts of climate change and the actionable solutions they can adopt to protect their communities and advocate for a


President Tinubu speaks for Africa at the 78th UNGA session

  President Bola Tinubu made his debut speech at the 78th United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) session on Wednesday, addressing key issues. He spoke on Africa’s potential to achieve prosperity through democratic ideals while overcoming foreign exploitation. He also highlighted the importance of prioritizing African development for international investments and

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ClimateActionAfrica proudly presents. “