Day: March 21, 2022

plastic - climateaction
Saving the Planet

Kedibone and Kekeletso Tsiloane are providing sustainable solution to plastic pollution

Combining sustainability with the construction industry would have been an unimaginable thing some years ago but it is currently a trend that is garnering so much steam. We all know the world is facing a plastic pollution crisis and different solutions are being developed to save the planet. At the

ecosystems - climateaction
Saving the Planet

#SolutionMonday: 8 depleting ecosystems and how to restore them

Hello readers. Welcome to #SolutionMonday on CleanbuildVoices! Ecosystems are being degraded by human activities and as the world seeks ways to beat emissions targets, people are also turning to ecosystems restoration to mitigate emissions. Below are 8 ecosystems that are facing degradation and ways they can be restored or conserved.

food systems - climateaction
Saving the Planet

Africa’s strained food systems in a changing climate

Climate change is causing destructive changes all over the world and while the consequences of the changing climate affect everyone, the people who did not create the crisis are disproportionately affected by it - particularly rural communities in underdeveloped countries. The climate crisis for these people means changing rainfall patterns,

forests - climateaction
Saving the Planet

#InternationalDayofForests: Exploring 9 biggest forests in Africa

In Africa, forests and woodlands occupy about 21.8% of the continent's land area and account for about 16.8% of the global forest cover. Forests have never been more important to human existence than they are in this age of climate change and pollution, and this is because they are one

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